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    Please help! Sync and backup issues

    I have an iPhone v1. I do not have the latest update (2.2?) downloaded. I don't have a backup of my music, contacts, or calendar. (No lecture please...I'm well aware how stupid that is!) Anyway, our old computer crashed (macbook) and we have a new PC. I have nothing in iTunes now. I need to get...
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    Apps in iTunes but not showing up on phone

    I downloaded (some purchased) some apps and I did check the sync all applications box but only one is downloaded. It only lists one in the "sync all applications" box even though iTunes shows them all. Any help? Please. eta: it's for an iPhone
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    Join various artists into one CD

    I know I've done this before but I can't remember how.... How do I join various artists on one CD, such as a sountrack?
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    Reverse sync for address book?

    I lost my entire address book on my imac. It's all on my iPhone though. Is there a way to reverse sync to get the info back on my laptop? Thanks.
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    I'm still having gmail/iPhone problems. I had my wifi working fine and now it's back to EDGE which I just don't understand since it's on and appears to be connected just fine. My gmail --- I still can't delete (I do it but they are back in there when I return to mail) and it just checks...
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    Gmail issues

    I'm getting so frustrated with all these problems... I click mail and it seems to check it but then immediately pops back to the home screen. Sometimes it gives me a second to look at them and then pops back. I delete and I delete and they are still there. Thoughts?
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    Album covers don't match music

    I couldn't find this posted as a problem...please direct me if I just missed it. I had the BSOD problem syncing the phone to the PC, so took care of that with the driver issue. After I did the first time though, it seemed to mess up all my cover art and music. SO when I flick through, I might...
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    I can't get any videos to play nonstop. They go for a second and then it's paused and I have to hit play again....over and over again so what is the point? I have wifi but it stays on EDGE even though the wifi once worked on it. What is the deal?
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    Windows PC reboots before iPhone sync

    I originally activated my phone through my PC, put on music, photos, etc. Now when I try, the computer pops up a bubble in the lower right hand and says it recognizes something and then the computer restarts. So I can't sync it anymore. Anyone have any advice?