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    3G and Yahoo?

    Ok I hope that I am not crazy but has anyone else had a problem with their iPhone after the WWDC? I all of a sudden cannot log into my Yahoo with my iPhone after the Keynote. it is like they have already changed things with the .mac site. or I can get my mail from all my...
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    how fast can you type on your iPhone

    Well I thought this might be fun to see how fast people can type on there iPhone. I am sorry if this has already been done but I have been traveling for the last two months out of the country and haven't had time to get to this site. Well this is the test. Everyone go to there notes and type...
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    Ok so I hope that everyone on this forum understands bandwith. I am a current cingular customer. I have noticed over the last couple of days that cingular has been messing with their data sevice. Has anyone else noticed? Well what has happened is this. The edge network was dropping out all day...
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    Software for iPhone

    Ok so I just watched the WWDC 2007, and i am pissed. Not at the iPhone or Steve, yet at myself. I had the idea to make a phone with the same functions as the iPhone. In the respect to third party apps and the browser over a year ago. The reason why i did not say anything or do it was because of...
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    Apple should bring Cover Flow to other apps like Contacts

    Ok here was a thought. They already have the software for cover flow. Why not put cover flow on you contacts. I think it would be petty cool to scroll threw pics on you contacts and then just tap it to see all of the numbers and emails. So even when you want to compose a new email it would use...
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    Multi touch screen!

    Ok this is a great link to a video on this topic. Apple last year bought this patent. This shows you and gives you a great idea where Apple is going. Do you think Steve Jobs was in there and said "I could use that on my iPhone. I think I will buy it." This is just to show you that Apple will be...
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    What Will Apple do Next?

    You all should watch this. I have never seen so many mock ups on any one company. this is just kind of a cool video to see where Apple could go. If you can count to 18 I thought that was the coolest one. Which one is your Fav?:laugh2:
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    Has Apple Pulled a fast one on the OrangeMan?

    Lets see what everyone thinks about this one. That is for everyone who does not have cingular already. This is a direct quote which also gives sec. numbers from this site. So What this means is that because the phone is being sold in two...
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    iPhone vs. Web

    This is the thing. I am currently a heavy PDA user and while at work I use my PDA to surf the web a lot.... I have trouble accessing a lot of sites and forums due to most PDAs having a slimed down browser. yes Apple says it will have a full web browser, but will it access the net like at home...