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    Transferring bookmarks to my laptop

    Does anyone know the easiest way of doing this? I am using a new laptop and would like to have all of my bookmarks saved on it as well!
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    How do I transfer favourites from computer to iPhone?

    Can anyone give me some info on how to do the above? Have just got a new phone and would like all my laptop favourites to be on there but unsure how to do so. Many thanks
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    Best fitness/weight workout apps

    Does anyone here have good experiences of apps that I can use to monitor my sessions at the gym. I have previously been using "ifitness" but it appears the app no longer exists and its replacement with the same name is rubbish. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    iPhone 4s problems

    Ive had the last 3 iPhones so know my way around them, but this model is really confusing me - mainly due to icloud. Firstly - it says that if i buy an app on my iTunes that it will automatically put it on my phone - it doesn't! However if i buy something on my phone, when i then turn on iTunes...
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    Anyone who uses MSN/windows messenger willing to help?

    Im really struggling to jailbreak my 4.3.2 and ive read all of the tutorials but there is a file i simply cant find. is there anyone who would be willing to give me 20 mins of there time on msn to run me through it? if you could add it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Should i wait?

    I have just updated my phone on iTunes to version 4.3.2 - should i wait for a new version of jailbreak to come out or can i just download an older one? thanks
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    What else do i need

    There are so many threads around at the moment and i have no idea what is up to date and what isn't! So....... i have jailbroken my phone on and now have cydia on my phone. What else do i now need to add to my phone/change for it to be complete? I currently just have the cydia...
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    New laptop = help

    My old laptop died on me along with everything on it! However I still have many of the things on my iPhone 4. Is there a way i can transfer the pictures from my iPhone firstly to my new iTunes and secondly to my new phone? Also on my iPhone I have the favourites bar from my old laptop saved. Is...
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    How do i get the apps/ringtones onto my laptop from my iPhone?

    I have a new laptop and have just installed iTunes. I went to sync my iPhone but there are no songs on iTunes on my computer and no apps either etc. I clicked "sync apps" but it then said all apps on my phone would be replaced by the apps on the computer (which is none!) So how do i get the...
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    Messaging problem

    On my new phone there are ocassions (regular) where when i receive a text the phone almost freezes. Normally at the top of the message it has the senders number, but when the issue occurs there is just a big gap where the number should be. The option to add to contacts is still there but...
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    Couple of problems.......

    Sometimes when i get an email, it alerts me with the tone and says there is an email - however when i go to my inbox there isn't 1 there! I logged in on my laptop and the email is there, it just doesn't appear to show up on my phone! Another problem i have had is with text messages - sometimes...
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    Battery question/problem

    My iPhone often loses up to 25% of battery life when not being used overnight - this isn't normal surely?
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    Blocking a number from calling/texting on O2

    Hi Does anyone know how i can block a number/person from calling/texting me? I am on o2! thanks
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    Lost all my apps/songs off iTunes?

    I had my laptop cleaned and restored to factory settings which obviously meant all the programmes that i had added were removed. When i got it back i then reinstalled iTunes but none of my songs/apps are on there when i enter my email?! I still have them all on my iPhone - is there anyway to...
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    How to select a new ringtone?

    I have just sorted a new ringtone and uploaded it via iTunes...... however when i go into settings, sounds, ringtone.... it isn't there? any ideas what i have done wrong?
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    Caller image

    Hi, I have just seen an advert for the iPhone 3gs and when it calls someone, in the top right hand corner there is a picture of the person being called. How do i put the picture there? Currently when i call someone the whole screen is taken up by their picture! thanks in advance
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    3GS in the UK

    Does anyone know anything about this phone in the UK? ie is it just on O2? will O2 be releasing it on the 19th as well? any ideas on pricing plans? I have been due an upgrade for the past few months and not really sure of what to do next!