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    WiFi signal strength unstable

    Ian literally sitting on top of my wifi router and have 1 smudge of a wifi bar - used to be a full signal. Something is messed up
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    4.1 proximity sensor blues!

    Same here too - I often am talking and it goes mute, I wonder if Apple will say it's the cases and we should just use a naked phone and deal with the antenna problem
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    iPhone 3G 16gb problems

    I've been having issues with my car stereo too (it has a USB connector for my iPhone) it didn't hit me until Yesterday that it worked until I put 4 on it - it wont play right when trying to use the radio controls for playing songs - maybe l'll reload them
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    DVD Conversion Software for iPhone

    Try looking at slysoft cloneDVD mobile and any DVD - I think the link is - free demo /trial
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    FaceBook app

    FB is down for maintenance I tried my desktop and couldn't login
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    Stuck on Backup

    Still failing for my second phone - I may try the backup/restore method next, I sure do wished I knew how I got the first one to take. 10pm to 7am and no status on the backup isn't about patience ;)
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    Stuck on Backup

    I finally got mine to work - not sure how, I am having issues getting my wife's phone now - I read to unplug your network connection- I will try that tonight, I think you need to re-plug it in if you don't have the 4.0 file already downloaded though (right before the backup is complete)
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    Free App Friday: March 27th, Tweetie

    Cool maybe i'll twitted if I win!
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    voicemail/spanish prelude

    Makes me wonder how they can make a change like that - is Apple doing "minor" things to our phones over the AT&T network that we are unaware of? I was told it wasn't an AT&T issue.....very odd. But it was fixed at least
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    voicemail/spanish prelude

    Apparently there's a iPhone wide issue affecting voicemail where a caller that goes to VM gets a Spanish sounding prelude before the greeting starts. I talked to AT&T and after some t/sing they directed me to Apple and that it's a known iPhone wide issue. My and my wife's phone are doing...
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    YouTube quality

    so I posted my first you tube video and I just noticed that if I watch it via 3G it's all pixely, but it's very good via wifi. So where is the quality dropping? The iPhone or does YouTube do something? Thanks
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    Connection Timing Out After Update?

    This is like trying to dial into a radio station to win the $1 bajillion dollar prize.....we're looking for the 6,765,123rd're #4....please keep trying...... This btw is from a corded phone since I can't use my iPHONE......:tounge:
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    Maps update a letdown...

    Why did they go to an older map though? My steet was on the previous version and now it's unknown and not labeled....I can see it in the sat view though.
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    Missing contacts after 1.1.3

    So my trying to fix this update: I backed up my contacts in Outlook, deleted them all - synched & forced chagne to iPhone - All the contacts were gone. Copied them back into outlook - re-synched (force to phone) and I got the same thing - so I'm wondering if there is some sort of...
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    Missing contacts after 1.1.3

    more info Ok, so here's where I am at, in my iPhone I have 643 contacts (scroll to the bottom to get the #) - in outlook (2003) I have 908 items. So I'm missing roughly 250 contacts. I cannot call them (they don't show up in the list) if I call a phone number of a missing contact, it doesn't...
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    Missing contacts after 1.1.3

    I noticed that I'm missing some contacts on my iPhone after 1.1.3 - they are (thankfully) still in outlook, I even clicked the box to replace all on the iPhone - with no luck - one of them is even set as a favorite (which doesn't work not because the contact is missing). Has anyone else seen...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    Try deleting some junk off your phone - mine was pretty full, and I was getting errors....after deleting a movie, worked like a champ. Did anyone try stereo bluetooth on the ipod part yet? I picked a bad night to forget them on my desk!
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    My iPhone can digitally zoom!

    This actually happened to me as well once, hasn't happened since - if course this was when I needed to take a picture and couldn't mess with it.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    calendar I just noticed that i am missing calendar items from outlook and iPhone - didn't happen befpre the update - this is bad:angry:
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    When sliding to unlock the phone, mine randomly goes to different applications?

    random apps I noticed mine was doing that after the security update, I don't recall it doing that before....