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    Buying Away From Home

    I generally buy my cellphones online. This Sunday I will be in Washington DC. Then I will be leaving and going to Florida for three weeks, so during the June 29th release I will be away from my home in Los Angeles. To be safe I could order the phone online, however, if I wanted instant...
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    Will iPhone be available online?

    Hi again. Initially after hearing Job's keynote on the iPhone in january, I believed the phone would be available for purchase online. Recently, I have not heard any mention of this. Is it going to be available online?
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    iPhone without Voice Plan?

    Hey there, been reading the forums since January, finally decided to join! Anyways, I am currently on T-mobile and have a Sidekick. I have the Sidekick data plan which gives me unlimited email, texts, IMs, and web browsing, but no phone plan. When i want to use the phone I can, but I do not...