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    SECRET* Apple's secret message to me?(no, not the song title when waking your phone)

    Where in the world do you keep your iPhone it looks like both of them are kept in a sandapaper bag!:p
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    Why use a screen cover?

    I have had a screen protector for 3 weeks now.....much better than the bare glass esp for the crtstal clear one from rocks cant even tell its there!
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    Chrome piece sucks agree?

    And the real kicker is if you have a case it makes the scratches worse! Is there any real proctive cases out there that will not scratch the phone....i had the clear Belkin case but after reading the nightmare posts off and in the trash it went! I am looking at the Sena full i leather skin case...
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    Chicago iPhoners: how's the AT&T reception?

    I live downtown by the lake and work out near Ohare awesome reception so far!
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    I am very ANGRY and sad

    i contacted belkin about your problem and they said this should not happen ther number is 1 800 2belkin. they said if this case damages the phone then you should make a claim with them. i checked my phone and its fine but i also keep it in a microfiber dust pouch i think thatif dirt or sand gets...
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    I am very ANGRY and sad

    is that the plastic case? i have had it for a week now no scratches.....where did it start to damage the case? it does collect dust though.