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    iPad Box Comparison?

    Does anyone know where I can find the dimensions of the iPad 1 & 2 boxes? Are there any pictures comparing the two side by side? I'd like to know if the boxes are the same size and I can't find dimensions or side-by-side pictures anywhere. Thanks!
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    Help! iPhone won't Charge.

    When I dock my iPhone, it changes the screen to the Battery Icon and about 3 seconds later, goes to my original background wallpaper and there is no longer a charging icon in the upper right battery icon. I am able to charge it through the wall adapter but if I leave it on the dock all night...
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    Conference Calling

    A few days ago some friends were all calling around to make plans for the i came up with the idea to use the iPhone's conference calling. I managed to get 2 people into a conference (so all together it was 3 including me) and when i tried to add another person, it wouldn't add that...
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    I'm Confused...(syncing w/ Music)

    So i have a music library of nearly 7 gigs but I'd really like to select which music I put on my phone. Is there an easier way to choose which music I'd like to add to my phone other than unchecking every single song i don't want added? ( it's a very slow process ) I sure hope there's a faster...