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    I am in a me out

    Hi, I have a 5 series lcd iPhone. My battery stays for 3-4hrs usage and 1 day standby, now i am in a fix, should i send in my iPhone for repair due to my poor battery and accept a 7 series lcd iPhone which is now in supply or should i be happy with my phone?
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    Apple iPhone external battery

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was an external battery for an iPhone out yet. Like the iluv for the ipod which makes the battery go upto 52 hrs. Also do any of the ipod external batteries in the market work with the iPhone?
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    iPhone activation for current Cingular customers

    Hi, Could someone tell me what personal information is requested while activating the iPhone, if you are a current Cingular customer, most importantly does it ask for you SSN again if you are a current Cingular customer.? Someone who has activated their iPhones please reply Thanks