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    how can i delete the ringtones in the tab?

    i updated iTunes so i have to delete the useless ringtones.. any help? thanks espo
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    a easy way to fade in and out for ringtones.

    anyone know of a easy way? i use garage band to cut the song length but what about fade in and out? can u do it in garage band? thanks.
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    Will Apple offer replacement if iPhone is scratched?

    Hey, Im thinking of going back to Apple tomorrow to see if they will exchange my phone. My first problem is that the back and sides of the silver "not chrome". got scratched somehow and i never dropped it or put it on a rough surface. And my second problem is that the speaker volume is VERY LOW...
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    If Microsoft made the iPhone. (worth clicking)

    What if Microsoft had made the iPhone?
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    Really funny video about forums.

    strong langauge..
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    High res pics of iskin revo. (Inside)

    Just got mine today. Not using the pointless bottom piece or the screen protector. just the case. looks good. a bit brown. but looks awesome and feels so much better than the incase i had.
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    MacBook Pro or new IMac

    I am buying a new computer when leopard releases. I have a Ibook G4 right now that i use all the time, and bring everywhere with me.I go to the nj shore every weekend in the summer since my aunt has a house there. If I get the Imac, I can just delete all my programs and songs off of my ibook and...
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    Rivet Headphones.

    I know they cant change the song. Not worried about that. But is the chord over long? I would just get the shure adapter, but its way too long. How do they sound? Do they have some bass? Any thing like the sony in ear headphones.?
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    Iskin Revo leaves scratches on chrome bezel like incase?

    Does it scratch the chrome like the incase? anyone have any problems with it yet?... Does it stretch.. thanks tom
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    iPhone takes over trackpad

    I placed my iPhone on my trackpad of my ibook g4 and my mouse starting moving around. and i tried putting my finger on it and i couldnt control it whatsoever until i moved the phone. kinda freaky.
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    Playing music through iPhone speaker

    when i play songs. and the part that has bass comes on, it sounds bad, but if i call someone on speaker, its christal clear. or if i play a song with not so much bass it sounds good. the speaker isn't blown right?