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    Volume fixed!

    This is probably old news, but there is a simple way to fix your volume. By poking holes in the speaker dust cover my volume drasticly improved. In fact I would say its just about perfect. For details and testimonials just search for "iPhone surgery"
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    iPhone had a bad, bad weekend!

    So the wife and I went on a camping trip this weekend. The first night we realized we had forgot to bring a radio, so we decided to use the iPhone to listen to some music. Later on in the evening the wind shifted, and the campfire smoke was blowing into my face. I jumped up to get outta the...
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    bad battery guage

    I've seen a lot of posts from people asking if their battery is bad, and listing usage and standby. I don't know if this is really helpful or not, but I figured I would list mine since I don't seem to be having battery issues. I just received the 10% battery warning after 4 hours, 47 minutes...
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    Prompted to update iPhone software, not sure what it fixes

    I'm sure this is probably old news, but I just updated iTunes. When it was complete, I tried to sync. I was prompted to download and install an iPhone software update. Its installing on the phone right now, not sure what bugs it fixes.
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    Anyone else happy with the purchase

    I feel bad that a lot of people are having problems, but is anyone satisfied with the iPhone? I was able to activate in a couple of minutes, and have not had a single problem since. Am I the only one, or are only the unsatisfied buyers posting?