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    Could the 1.1.1 delay be to add MORE new features?

    Obviously this is just speculation....But what if, since Apple KNOWs it has disappointed so many people so many different ways lately, they are delaying 1.1.1 to shoehorn some REAL new features into the iPhone. (other than that whole wifi music store BS) MMS, color-coded calendars...
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    Can't get $100 rebate because I changed my phone number

    Hey, I am trying to redeem my rebate, but since I changed my iPhone's number (due to harassing calls), I can't receive that sms text message needed for the code. I am in no man's land. Thanks Apple! Anyone know how to get out of this situation?
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    Why Doesn't Google Documents work on the iPhone?

    I'm not a computer programmar, so I don't quite understand why Google documents doesn't fully work on the iPhone? What would have to change in Safari for users to be able to not only view, but UPDATE documents on google docs? Just it Java? -propynyl