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    If I wait until the iPhone 3G is unlocked (and it will be)

    can I use it on my original iPhone data plan which is $10 cheaper and includes 200 free SMS per month? My thought would be to buy an unlocked 3G from a reputable third party and then simply use it with the SIM card from my original iPhone 2G. Does this sound like it could work? Thank you...
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    If I get new iPhone 3G can I still use my old one as a "spare" if battery dies etc.?

    I can't see why not since it's probably just a SIM card swap but I'd appreciate answers from those with more knowledge than me.
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    Any word whether Apple or third parties will sell a 3GiPhone dock adapter?

    I know that the 3G dock is now sold separately but those of us who have the iPhone bluetooth headset with the dual dock would really benefit from an adapter for the 3G model. Any news or info. on this?
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    Convert .rm videos to iPhone using iMac (Intel)?

    Hello, I have some older Real Media videos (.rm) files that I'd like to convert to iPhone format on my new iMac but my Roxio Crunch doesn't support the .rm format. Are there any Apple compatible products that do - either free or paid for? Thank you in advance. GSY
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    Relocate speaker on iPhone 2 anyone?

    I find that I often cover the speaker with my fingers when holding the iPhone and using it as a speakerphone, thus creating a muffled sound. Not a big deal but slightlly annoying. To solve this I would like to see iPhone 2 have the speaker and mic on the top, near the headphone jack, while...
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    Is there a "backup" application?

    I am presently using a Palm Treo 700p with a third party backup program installed. The backup has saved me a good number after hard resets needed during OS freezes. Is there a way to do a daily backup on the iPhone either with iTunes or other software? This is a key issue for me and I'm sure...
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    Future 3G capabilities of iPhone

    I am very interested in the iPhone but not "crazy" about the EDGE download speed being spoiled on Verizon's fast (but expensive) EVDO data speed. Not knowing much about the innner workings of handheld devices I was wondering if Apple/Cingular ever equip the iPhone with 3G capabilities, would...
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    Is June 11th release date for AT&T (Cingular) only or for Apple stores as well?

    I's much rather play with it at the Apple store but the announcements only say AT&T. Any word?
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    Voice Mail Listings: How does the phone "know" to list the callers?

    The voice mail list looks very interesting but how does the iPhone "know" the names of the callers to list? Is this something that the caller has to type in, something that the user types in for later reference, voice recognitgion, or some other process. If it requires "typing" this could be...
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    Will iPhone be able to dock with Home Stereo System?

    Similar question with iPod equipped car stereos. I have searched the forum but only see that it syncs with computer via USB.
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    Will the iPhone web browser be able to stream live video ?

    I know it will vave a version of Safari browser with a real type of browsing experience as opposed to "wap" browsing but will it be able to stream video content such as YouTube, CNN etc.?Thank you in advance.
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    Another QWERTY keyboard question - Does the keyboard also work in landscape mode?

    If you rotate the iPhone horizontally can you type messages, documents etc. in landscape or widescreen mode? My thought is that those of us with larger fingers can have better key spacing that way. Thank you in advance.
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    Are there any screen shots of what QWERTY keyboard will look like?

    I've checked this form and can't find any. I'[m curious to see the size and layout of the characters.
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    Loading media into iPhone (Windows Mobile ?)

    I have a lot of music and even vids on my Treo that are saved in my Windows Media library. Will I be able to transfer these to an iPhone via iTunes or will have to purchase them anew ?
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    How much slower is iPhone's Edge cabability vs. 3G on other networks?

    Is there a reference I can check? Is it twice as slow etc? Thank you. PS - I'm not making reference to WiFi - strictly the speed of EDGE.
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    Who is the iPhone's current biggest threat?

    It looks like Samsung have come up with a competive device and maybe even LG with the Prada phone but do Palm, Blackberry, Sony, Motorola have anything in the pipeline to compete?
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    Touch Screeen keyboard - Is it full QWERTY?

    I don't really understand the keyboard feature. Will it have a full QWERTY or some type of hybrid?
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    Does the iPhone have a voice recorder?

    All my prior devices have had a voice recorder so I can take notes "on the fly". This is a critical application for me. Any info. whether the iPhone can do this?
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    Can iPhone sync wirelessly with Outlook 2007?

    I am currently on Verizon using a Palm Treo 700p which syncs wirelessly with my Outlook 2007 via Verizon's Wireless Sync program. I am unfamiliar with both Cingular and Apple products and was wondering if I could also wireless sync with my Outlook via a remote location from the iPhone? Thank...