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    Anyone doing the same thing as me with their credit?

    So, sell it. I'm getting new keyboards
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    Oh yeah.... easy custom ringtones!

    Simple program - Works! I have all my old ring tones (mp3's) now on my iPhone. It's a little goofy to use at first, but it works. Sorry if this has been posted already.
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    WEIRD...two iPhones, one vibrates while in a call!

    Happened to my wife's phone too. Did a two button reboot and it never returned. Weird.
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    David Pogue's Book

    Their servers crashed. Email O'Reilly and they'll send you the new link.
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    Not too far from there - sitting at home waiting for coffee to brew... I bought my phone in Oakbrook! Number 28 in line!
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    Chicago iPhoners: how's the AT&T reception?

    I'm in the NW Burbs. Reception was great and still is from day 1. Blows away the Razer POS. :)
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    i am sick ! and tried of hearing people say.. ... ..

    I agree. Same deal for me.
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    cannot SEND e mail with ISP

    You can't send Comcast either and a few other ISPs, unless you're directly connected to their network. You can however use a different outgoing server if you have one.
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    Anyone else happy with the purchase

    Activated in less than 5 minutes. 110% pleased with the purchase.
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    Any other AT&T stores have their server crash while selling iPhones?

    So stupid. Why they feel the need to do credit checks. I bought at Apple. Was in and out in less than 10 minutes, with a stop by the accessory counter to make an additional purchase.
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    Could not complete the iTunes store request. The store may be busy...

    I walked out of the Apple store at 6:08pm with two 8Ggs. By 7pm, I was activated and using it without issue. So perhaps, just so many people activating, the system is bogged down.
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    "In-Line" Thread

    There seems to be lines all over now. It will only get worse. On a positive note, the lines are only handfuls of people. So, time will tell.
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    This madness needs to end for me tomorrow

    hope so too, but it sounds to me like even getting to a store 5 hours early will only waste my time. I'm pretty sure they'll sell out before the night is up - exactly what Apple wants. Keep the hype and demand high. If I get in, it'll probably be a 4Gig :( Will have to wait a week or so for an...
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    Woodfield Mall - Apple Store Chicago (Schaumburg)

    A worker friend there emailed me at 9pm tonight. There's already 20 people in line.
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    Apple 5th Ave store CNN coverage tonight

    Gawd, that dude must smell so bad!
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    I heard that there might be a free iPhone giveaway
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    Phone Message

    The number is on the Apple iPhone activation video at the end of the clip.
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    Phone Message

    During the Apple Activation video, the guy goes through the steps and has a message come up saying "This is your new number." So, I called it. Have a listen: HERE
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    Yep. Macbook Pro, for sure. Lately, Canon 1D Mark III
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Oh, well, nevermind then :) Thanks