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  1. vtecryder00

    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    There is gonna be a big surprise waiting for everyone when they step in the Att Store... That is all...
  2. vtecryder00

    iTunes Album Art Help?

    How will I get all the album art fo my downloaded songs on iTunes so that they will ne ready for the iPhone. Any suggestions would help. Thank...
  3. vtecryder00

    JUST GOT MY iPhone...

    Steve Jobs just sent me his biggest iPhone ever. It works great! J/K. The iPhones displays are now at Apple Stores. I tried to steal it but security saw me....:laugh2:
  4. vtecryder00

    I Wanna Touch...

    The iPhone Of Course, Don't You? Hahaha. Can't Wait
  5. vtecryder00

    Final! AT&T or Apple

    Where will you be getting your iPhone at and why? Both Apple Stores and AT&T will offer the first generation iPhone. What stores will have more in stock, will AT&T be able to activate you quicker? All good questions that I'm hoping some will answer in this thread. Discuss!
  6. vtecryder00

    FM Radio?

    Has anyone heard whether Apple is planning to include an FM radio on the iPhone? Is this something perhaps that will be available in a new model? Thoughts?
  7. vtecryder00

    Phone # Crisis

    So how will I get my #'s to the iPhone. All my # is on my sim. I hav heard that there might not even be a sim slot. Am I screwed. I don't have any numbers on my Addressbook on my MAC.
  8. vtecryder00

    AT&T or Apple Store

    I am a little skeptical on whether to go to a ATT or Apple Store to purchase my phone. The plus going to an Apple store is that they will carry more iPhones. The downside is that I'm afraid Apple will lack knowledge of rates and plans. ATT stores will def know what they are doing but might lack...
  9. vtecryder00

    Rancho Cucamonga CA

    Who lives here gonna get an iPhone?
  10. vtecryder00

    Why is iPhone for you?

    Why do you want the iPhone? What feature or feature(s) do you like about it? List what it is so everyone can know what is in store for them when the iPhone is out.
  11. vtecryder00

    6PM Waiting Time

    So I went to the Cingular/ATT (storeS) and ask the mananger about the whole 6pm rumor.The first store told me that he haven't even heard of anything like that. He will sell the phones rite when the store opens on the 29th. Another store told me that they have heard about the 6pm from another...
  12. vtecryder00

    1st Batch

    Just something to mention to everyone. How will everyone think about the 1st batch of iPhone that will be release. Will it have glitches since it's Apple's 1st release? I'm just worried after camping out for the phone and later find out a a friend has a better one later. Let me know what you...
  13. vtecryder00

    Camping Out

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site. Just have one question concerning the iPhone. Will I need to camp out in front of the corp. store just so I can get one. Any info would help. I just don't want to camp out and the shipment is not there or there. Thanks