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    new symbol

    hey i was wondering if anyone noticed that symbol next to the battery that is like phone and under the phone there is multiple dots, anyone know what that does or is telling me? i haven't seen it until 2.1
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    Connecting a laptop to a TV screen - I need some EIC Wisdom!

    Hey, i just recently acquired my laptop for college and it has an hdmi out slot, so i wanted to try and hook it up to my TV so i can browse the EIC forums and listen to music through my TV screen, but i cant for the life of me figure out how to do this. So i thought to myself many of the people...
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    This has nothing to do with iPhone but i need some help!

    Okay the other night i was at a concert, and as any normal teen does they have a few drinks etc etc, well on the way home from the concert my friend got in an accident, the drive was completely sober. but i was not, the cop told me to put my hands on the car and put me in hand cuffs. Then he...
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    Reverting back to factory

    If i want to go back to the factory setting can i just push restore with a jailbroken phone or is there something special i have to do before hand?
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    Back Plate Separating

    The back part of my phone is loose like between the silver and black part, my phone is less then a month old, i dropped it once and dented the side but i never dropped it on the speakers, will they still cover it even though i dropped it on the side but not on the speaker?
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    iPhone Vs Razr V3xx

    Hi everyone, I have an iPhone and a brand new razr v3xx and i don't know what to keep. The one reason i like the razr is because the Ringers are soo loud so i never miss a call or a text which is nice. And the Razr is easy to take care of along with it haveing louder speaker and speakerphone. But...
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    SIMple SmS Tone

    Can someone please help, The stock sms tone isn't nearly loud enough i just want a simple tone that just goes like beep beep beep or something like that, like the Samsung syncs tone alert or the razrs notify ringers help!
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    Moving Icons Around?

    Is there away for my Sms icon and my Mail icon to trade places? if soo how?
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    iPhone lag after modding

    I recently modded almost everything on my iPhone and now it takes much longer to open texts/apps and other stuff along with the screen now sometime glitching etc doing a restore and trying to mod again hopefully it works. This happen to anyone else?
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    Removing a Custom Ringtone

    I searched the fourms for how to do this and no luck..I accidentally added the wrong Ringtone and now it bugs me..OCD i know haha. So how do i remove if not im gunna have to restore it haha..
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    Fm Transmitter

    I Tried searching for this but i had no luck so here it goes..Is there a fm transmitter out there that will work with the iPhone? so like it plays music and when someone calls i can talk through my speakers?
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    3G? Maybe its already in the phone?

    Hey guys i was just looking at my sim card and it says "3G" on the back of it...what could this mean?
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    iPhone: resale?

    let's say in six months the second gen iPhone does come out and I want to buy it and sell this iPhone to a friend for like half price of 250$ but I want to keep my sim you think it will be possible to take this sim card out and put it in the new iPhone? Is it even possible to get the...
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    iPhone: Custom ringtones? Louder Speakers? New Notifications? Different Vibrations?

    As of right now i have had my iPhone for almost a week and i could't be any happier. I only have a few complaints. And maybe some of you guys could put my mind at ease...Do you think Apple will release a ringtone app for custom ringtones throught iTunes soon? The ringtones they give you arent...