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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    my girlfriend got me my iPhone shes 26 and i am 27 :)
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    iSkin Revo

    Thanks, I like to keep scratches off as well. I just put an order in for one and I am going to return the incase back to the Apple store. :)
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    iSkin Revo

    does it stretch like the incase?
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    State Farm is going to insure my iPhone

    I just called my local State Farm agent and she told me that she will have to do some research... I'll keep you guys posted.
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    iPhone Games on the Web!

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    I would love to see games for the iPhone... maybe Pacman or Tetris
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    Apple just shipped mine yesterday they originally had a shipping date of August 10th :)
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    WiFi anywhere?

    can you use your iPhone as a modem for use with a laptop ?
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    Jawbone or Apple Bluetooth Headset?

    I am going to have to say that the Apple headset is great I have no complaints so far... However I was out having dinner and saw some feller drop his Apple headset and just as he was about to pick it up some lady walked right on it... Ouch
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    Bluetooth File Transfer "Discussion" Thread

    I would like for BT data transfer to come in the future... I spoke with an Apple rep over the phone and he explained that blue tooth is currently not supported. when I asked him if he knew anything about it coming in a future update he went on to tell me that they are not at liberty to discuss...
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    iPhone case reviews

    I like the incase protective covers they are great I have them in black and red and for two different iPhones and no complaints yet
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    car chargers.

    I justed ordered it let's see if it holds up
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    iPhone Nano in 4th Quarter 2007

    when this thing hit its going to send the Apple stock through the roof :)
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    Any loving new cases?

    I love my black and red incase :) slim and snug :)
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    Incase Problem

    I am also getting the Iskin Revo can't wait for it to come out
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    Should I get a case? How easy does iPhone scratch?

    Well i got my black incase today and i love it it rocks do not get Jam Jacket for iPhone too bulky and it stretches
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    WebVNC - Remote Desktop / VNC on your iPhone

    very nice now i don't have to wait for log me in to finish their mac version of their remote interface... ill let you know how it works when i try it tonight
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    got my replacement iPhone today!

    i think they are handing out new ones right now but in 6 months or so they will just send refurbished ones... I think right now is the best time to replace your phones if you have any issues... thats what i think at least... :)
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    Purchased iTunes Games

    do you think they will make it work in the near future?
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    Purchased iTunes Games

    Does anyone know if games purchased through iTunes work on the iPhone?