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    Hidepod for 2.2.1 . . . ?

    so, I'm looking for an app to hide pics and videos that I don't want the whole world to see. I know hidepod works on 1.x FW, I was wondering if there was a similar app for the 1st Gen iPhone running 2.2.1 FW? Picvault and Photo Safe freeze and don't work, and I can't find anything else in the...
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    iPhone keyboard glitch?

    I had a Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone on my phone for almost as long as I oxned the thing(since mid August), but last night I decided to take it off. (It had been quite used, and was starting to become quite unattractive looking) I was going to put on the second one that came in the...
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    Activate iPhone for AT&T after modding?

    If I mod my iPhone and trick it into thinking it's activated, is there a way for me to activate it on AT&T's network afterward? I've heard that updating the firmware will remove all mods, but will my iPhone still work on EDGE and as an actual cell phone if I mod it before actual activation? In...