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  1. TrueChili

    Unable to use my email as Apple ID

    Hello, I'm trying to use my email for my Apple ID, working on phasing my outdated hotmail account out. However, when I try to do this it tells me I can't use an Apple related domain (or something to that effect) when changing my Apple ID. Anyone else have this problem, or a...
  2. TrueChili

    Your Christmas List

    As we near the holiday season, I've been repeatedly asked by my parents, "What can we get you for Christmas?" I always seem to have a hard time telling people what they can get me so I figured I'd make a thread about it and see what you tell your relatives; who knows, maybe I'll get some...
  3. TrueChili

    AppleTV - is it for me?

    Hello all, I'm looking at Apple TV (as I have a horrible obsession with Apple products..) and Im wondering if it would be worth it. It looks amazing but I'm wondering if one (or several) of you could give me a run through of what it has to offer. It seems that most of what it can do, I can do...