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    "Software Update Unavailable"

    Downloaded iOS7 on my iPhone5, when the "verifying update" pops up, it then states Software Update Unavailable". What's going on? Just noticed I'm getting the same message on my iPad Thanks.
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    iPhone 5 screen pic magnifies

    This is my second iPhone (first was replaced due to so many issues) and now the screen pic will magnify own it's own. The only way to get it back to normal is to reset the phone. Anyone? Sent using iCafe app
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    Apple TV / credit Card vs credit balance

    Was going to watch a movie on my Apple TV today, but it kept asking me for my security code on the back of my registered credit card instead of me being able to utilize the credit I have in iTunes. Help anyone? Sent using iCafe app
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    iMac New to iMac

    How do I print highlighted text? Thanks Sent using iCafe app
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    Camera just crapped out

    When I take a pic, everything sounds and seems as if its working, but no picture to be found anywhere. Anyone? Sent using iCafe app
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    iPhone app keeps crashing on my iPhone 5, help!

    Just started yesterday. Works great on my Ipad, just my iPhone. Sent using iCafe app
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    Trade in question

    Thinking on trading in my 3GS and an old iPod. Any suggestions as to who is better than the other. Sme places offer $$, some gift cards. Thanks!
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    Why does AT&T charge an activation fee for existing customers who upgrade?

    Since ordering my iPhone5, had been reading about paying an activation fee. It bothered me, I'm not changing carriers, not changing plans, nada. So, why am I paying this? Why am I being penalized for staying with the same carrier? Tuesday when setting up my phone I called AT&T and asked...
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    Image save failed?

    Just started getting this on my iPad 2 when I try and save an image from Google to my photos. Think maybe I hit the wrong button or something. Help anyone?
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    Can't find movie I purchased on my iPad?

    I rented 3 movies and purchased one last night, all my rented movies downloaded fine, can't find the movie I purchased. When I try to repurchase it (thinking something happened during the purchase), I get a notice that says I've already purchased the movie and to look in my 'downloads'. Not...
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    Sun and trying to read my ibooks on my iPad

    Are there any types of 'screens' or something available so that I can be in the sun and also use my IPad? Thanks
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    iPhone/Camera question

    Just switched from a Storm to the iPhone 3Gs and have found the camera to be 'lacking' in many areas. Any suggestions on an App, etc to at least be able to zoom to take pics? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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    3GS/New to iPhone/Wha t's with the volume

    I've always had Verizon and finally switched to an iPhone, couldn't be happier, BUT what's with the volume? I'm having a terrible time hearing when I'm on the phone, if I'm in a crowd, forget it! Anything I can do to try and fix this? Thanks!