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    how do I sell my V1

    Be careful when selling it. You don't want some con artist ripping you off!
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    Xbox 360 charging the iPhone

    Stick with your V1 if you love it because they're not that different. It depends where you live for your iPhone's connectivity to work. Ask a friend about the 3G connection before you buy one.
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    iPhone address book dilemma

    You can do it on an Address Book for instance if you have a Mac and put them on your computer. Or if you have another computer I'm sure there's an address book feature or email contact list where you can sync it to your iPhone. If you think its too complicated just do it by hand.
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    adult website

    *sigh* who uses their iPhone to look at porn? That's just plain weird. I'm going to have to think twice before I touch one of my friends' iPhones again. Haha.
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    1st gen or 3G?

    I'm gonna have to say it weighs out. V1 was such a great phone for me personally and now that I have the 3G, with networks switching all the time at my house, its rather annoying. I'm going to have to say the one that I was overall satisfied with so far was the V1 for me. :O Yes, thats right, I...
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    Using 3G with iPhone(edge) SIM

    I would definitely look into that if I were you.
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    White or black because I dropped my black one

    Haha chill its not a contest of whose iPhone looks best. :wink:
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    Problum with touch screen

    Take it to the Apple Store and they should replace the phone for you free of charge.
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    Questions about brushed metal bezel look for iPhone 3G

    Thanks for the post! I really don't like the chrome on the iPhone... it's kinda tacky and looks cheap. I'm definitely going to try the brushed metal look! I doubt it will cause a reception issue.
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    apps on iPhone won't pull up

    Just reboot the phone and see what happens. If the problem isn't fixed, resync it. If that doesn't work, restore it.
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    1st drop shattered screen

    Congrats on your new iPhone.
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    Starting to doubt my future iPhone purchase...

    Loving the sarcasm. I was just trying to make a point.. The bricked Installer and Cydia don't offer nearly half the amount of apps the App store offers.
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    White or black because I dropped my black one

    A white iPhone is more feminine. Just an opinion. Black looks sleeker. And mine doesn't show smudges or scratches. Sure, the black one shows more smudges than the white one, but the white one shows more dirt and SCRATCHES.. which is why I prefer black. No disrespect. Just a rant :wink:
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    Froze while synching, restore question?

    If she added them manually (on the phone itself) then no, she cannot get the contacts back. If they are on her computer, like her Address Book if she has a Mac, then yes, she can get her contacts back. I'm guessing that since she's your girlfriend, you know a lot of the same people so just offer...
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    3G or WiFi in car?

    Pandora does work flawlessly on EDGE too, just to keep in mind.
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    Icons Wiggle When you Hold them Down

    Only 21 posts to go before he can thank the people who helped! Haha.
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    Pandora shutting down?

    If Pandora shuts down I will be devastated. Its one of my favorite if not my favorite app.
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    iPhone 3G Reception Survey

    AT&T needs to step up their 3G network.
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    Broken vibrate/ring switch?

    If there is any dents or anything of that nature on your phone Apple will probably say its not covered because "it appears as accidental damage". Just trying warn you.
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    My iPhone won't turn off!

    Good luck! I'll bet you'll be happy with whatever phone you have in the future. There are tons of phones out there that are just as good as the iPhone.