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    Otterbox impact series case

    There are three different Otterbox cases. The impact case is the least bulky and the cheapest. It has only been available for a few weeks which how long I have had mine. It is well made and covers much of the iPhone but not the screen. It is the best deal in cases making the iPhone more...
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    tom tom update problems

    Don't feel sorry for me. my Magellan app works just fine as does my Navigon app. Both have advantages over each other. When the price drops, I may try TomTom to see how it compares. BTW The Magellan app works about as well as my Magellan Roadmate 1700. The Navigon app works a bit better than...
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    Navigon 1.5 Update Is Out.

    I'm on a 3GS and performance remains the same. The view while driving at night is very nice. The land around me is quite flat so it is hard to see much of the terrain, but what I see is very impressive. It is worth the extra cost, at least for me.
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    Navigon 1.5 Update Is Out.

    Updated and downloaded Panorama View 3D which took quite awhile but works very well. The Panorama View 3D looks great and shows street names which the stand alone units do not. I think it is going to be fun.
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    iPhone 3G WiFi issue

    Thanks Joe. I did get it to work by resetting the network and following some of the suggestions on the wifi forum. I also have found that a reset will speed up email downloads which seem to get stuck every once and a while. The 2.0 firmware must cause these issues. I hope that the next update...
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    iPhone 3G WiFi issue

    My 3G has started to have problems connecting with my wifi network. Some websites open but most not. They do work with 3G. I have reset my router, cable box, turned off and on wifi on the phone, disconnected my connection on the phone and reset the phone. I can access part of the iTunes App...
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    Apple Bluetooth and iPhone 3G

    My Apple bluetooth works well with both versions of the iPhone and has a longer range with the 3G. It pairs easily and sounds great.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    rings This was also tried when I first updated. So far it seems that the program will have to be revised for 1.1.3 and maybe iTunes 7.6
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    iPhoneringmaker I did and still it does not work.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    ringtone method I searched to find your method and could not find it. Would you share it again? Thanks
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    iPhone ringtonemaker does not work after the update, at least for me.
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    ultimate buds vs. Vibe duo w/ clicker ?

    "I better not ever catch you in line at Walmart returning something that just didn't work for you." You must spend a lot of time at Walmart. :wink:
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    Apple says I sent back an empty box

    I seem to recall that there was an American Revolutionary War.
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    My case looks just like your picture. I am able to remove the case from the phone by starting at the opening by the standby button. The slight "give" by the volume button doesn't make me fear that the case will come off, but it is certainly different than the solidity of the rest of the case...
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    PM sent to you.
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    Apple says I sent back an empty box

    If they weighed the package, the weight should match what an iPhone in a shipping container should weigh. Apple should be able to see that once Fedex accepts it, you could not have removed the phone from the packaging. I can't imagine that they don't know what the weight of the package would be...
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    Just Ordered Seidio Case - Review to Follow

    I just received the case yesterday and find it to one of the better cases available. Since getting the phone, I have purchased a number of cases from Incase, Agent 18, Casemate and even a nice aluminum case. The fit of the case is important to me as well as the grip of the skin. I found the...
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    I let my brother use my iPhone and I walk into my house for a second...

    After reading the original post I now understand why the iPhone costs as much as it does.
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    VMODA Vibe Duo headphones/mic question

    I have both the Rivet and the VModa Duo. For the money, the Rivets are a good replacement for the stock Apple headset. The sound is better than the stock phones and the answer button works very well. Call quality is fine. The Duo's have much better sound and are much more comfortable. The lack...
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    Shure MPA and car stereo

    Since my vehicle's sound system has RCA inputs, I connected my iPhone to it via the Shure MPA. Now I can listen to music or podcasts through my stereo. When a call comes in the sound fades, the iPhone rings and I answer the call through the MPA. I can here the caller through the stereo and my...