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  1. TrueChili

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Just bought my 27" iMac. I would post pics but its still on its way here. I got it for $1099. I'm so psyched to get it. Pics soon!
  2. TrueChili

    What did you Cook today?

    Home made quesadillas. Keeping' it simple.
  3. TrueChili

    Post Your Last Purchase

    The wife's new iPad 2 and my favorite movie.
  4. TrueChili

    Extremely annoying rattle noise with iPhone 5?

    I've never had an iPhone rattle. I've had four, one each between the 3GS and my 5. Although minor, it's still irritating.
  5. TrueChili

    Unable to use my email as Apple ID

    Hello, I'm trying to use my email for my Apple ID, working on phasing my outdated hotmail account out. However, when I try to do this it tells me I can't use an Apple related domain (or something to that effect) when changing my Apple ID. Anyone else have this problem, or a...
  6. TrueChili

    iOS 6 & iTunes.11

    I didn't like iTunes 11 at first either but after a day of getting used to it, I love it. As its been me filmed, you can replicate the UI design by playing with the view settings. I've also had no problems with Apple's maps app. I actually prefer this one over the other one, I find it a...
  7. TrueChili

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Nice to meet you as well!
  8. TrueChili

    iPhone 5. Add a line or wait for upgrade?

    If you had a 4 currently, I'd tell you to wait but the 3 is just so awful! The way I think, I'd find every minuscule reason I could to convince myself to get a 5.
  9. TrueChili

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Nice. I bet the guy who rang them all up isn't adding you on FaceBook anytime soon :P
  10. TrueChili

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Wow. Just out of curiosity, how much did you end up getting for all of them?
  11. TrueChili

    Your Christmas List

    As we near the holiday season, I've been repeatedly asked by my parents, "What can we get you for Christmas?" I always seem to have a hard time telling people what they can get me so I figured I'd make a thread about it and see what you tell your relatives; who knows, maybe I'll get some...
  12. TrueChili

    AppleTV - is it for me?

    Hello all, I'm looking at Apple TV (as I have a horrible obsession with Apple products..) and Im wondering if it would be worth it. It looks amazing but I'm wondering if one (or several) of you could give me a run through of what it has to offer. It seems that most of what it can do, I can do...
  13. TrueChili

    Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

    I should think of no reason why the fifth of November should ever... Be... Forgot. Great movie. On another note, congrats to both of you. Here's to many, many more.
  14. TrueChili

    Where's everyone from ?

    Ah, I don't know much about anything else than guitar; apologies.
  15. TrueChili

    Where's everyone from ?

    You're a guitarist? Just a guess based off the 'axe' portion of your slang.
  16. TrueChili

    Where's everyone from ?

    Haha you don't even realize you're using it after a while :P Well hey man, at least you're not a nuke - The "could be worse" logic doesn't apply to them.
  17. TrueChili

    Where's everyone from ?

    Nuke? I guess it'd be different if you didn't have to deal with all the crap landside and your entire chain of command try to be marines.
  18. TrueChili

    Where's everyone from ?

    Power to you, I couldn't never do it. Haven't found a single thing I like about it. I live in East Bremerton, as its so close to Bangor, where I work. I'm in the navy.
  19. TrueChili

    Where's everyone from ?

    I was born in New Hampshire, ended up moving to Vegas (which is where I claim I'm from) but as of right now I'm stationed in Washington state. I hate this state.
  20. TrueChili

    Let's see ya face

    Meh. Why not. Me and my wife Again, just after smashing cake in each others faces.