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    Box Office Back Up & Running In the App Store!

    You heard it here first, box office is back up & running on the app store! Who's gonna get it? Keep in mind, its free. As said on MacRumors:
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    there are speculations that the mac tablet will be about 3-5 times bigger than the iPhone and have almost all the same capabilities touch screen wise but have a macbook layout for the screen and a webcam and all that good stuff. what does everyone else expect? ^this seems like a plausible guess
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    Since I'm New To EverythingiCafe...

    Since I'm new to EverythingiCafe...I want to upload a picture but don't know how... could someone help me with this? Also, how do I put in information under the divider that shows one every post? Help would be great. My main priority is getting a default profile picture!
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    OMG. I Have Made My Decision

    Sorry for that OMG there... just wanted to get everyones attention with it :wink: Anyways.. I have come to my decision. I am going to keep my iPhone 3G. Yep, that's right folks, I've decided to keep it despite all of the troubles I've had these past 2 months with the device and AT&T *sigh*...
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    Oh So Sad...*Worth the Read*

    Ok guys, this post is going to be rather long but definitely worth the read. So.. here goes: :foot: After purchasing my iPhone 3G on iDay, my expectations were not that high. All I expected was a rather faster network for viewing the internet and , if needed, downloading applications from the...
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    Hey guys, Just wondering what everyone is expecting at Macworld this January. Of course, there are many rumors circulating about a device dubbed as the "iTablet" by you avid Apple fanboys including myself (you are not alone :2cool:) However, what else does everyone else expect Steve Jobs will...