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  1. mjeagent

    3G iPhone vs Blackberry - PUSH EMAIL CHALLENGE

    Saw this on youtube... Someone configured the same email address in their Blackberry Curve (Blackberry Enterprise Server - push email) and in their new Apple 3G iPhone (Exchange Server - push email) and then sent an email to see which would receive it first. Thought I would share...
  2. mjeagent

    Tick tock.. Tick tock... Macworld 2008

    Gizmodo's live blog is saying that "All these updates are available today, for free, for all iPhone users."
  3. mjeagent

    Can you watch YouTube videos on iPhone?

    Yes, that is why there is a YouTube button in the UI.
  4. mjeagent

    Would You buy a White iPhone?

    Another issue, most pressing to me, is that they take your phone for up to 2 weeks. That is tough for those of us who don't have backup phones. Talk about going through iPhone withdrawl.
  5. mjeagent

    Email Takes Forever!

    Also, more times then I would like, i can see the time/date the email was received, subject line and first two or three sentences, but then when I click on the email itself there is no subject, just a line that says "Message has not been downloaded from server"
  6. mjeagent

    Read my AT&T/eBay/iPhone horror story!

    I would invoke the letters F.B.I with the seller and tell him that is extremely important that at this point he be very honest with you. Let him know that in your FBI report you are going to include his name and telephone number as the seller and if this Craigslist seller can't be tracked down...
  7. mjeagent

    Email Takes Forever!

    Why does it take sooooo long for email to come through? My phone is set to automatically check for email every 15 minutes. Once I receive a new email, I click on my email tab and then see it listed on the INBOX screen. I see who it is from, the date/time it was received and even the subject...
  8. mjeagent

    Read my AT&T/eBay/iPhone horror story!

    If the Apple rep told you that the your phone was purchased in a $3 million deal by AT&T then I would not move forward in filing criminal charges against the seller. I would however do my best to contact this individual, whether it be by email or phone to address the situation. He/She might...
  9. mjeagent

    How To Create Your Icon?

    Anyone know how to or is there any program out there available to assist with this task. I see many people have made their own icons and used them on their custom themes. Thanks.
  10. mjeagent

    IBrickr - PXL Problem

    I hook up my iPhone to IBrickr and it finds it, but when I choose applications it tells me that it needs to install PXL files. I click "OK" but then it gets hung up there. I have tried it several times with same result. I am running 1.1.1 jailbreak phone. Does the same on my wife's 1.1.2...
  11. mjeagent

    First Time Visiting Apple Store Genius Bar - Left With Bad Experience!

    There are definitely no guidelines. It solely depends on who you get, what your problem is, and if they are in a good/bad mood. Sometimes they will exchange it, but sometimes they will do a restore and tell you to come back if you continue to experience the issue. Also, FYI...I asked my...
  12. mjeagent

    What version is in Apple USA stores now?

    I also got a replacement on 11/17 and it was version 1.1.1
  13. mjeagent

    Cut, Copy and Paste App

    Anyone come out with this yet?
  14. mjeagent

    Do I have a bad battery?

    i think the most accurate, yet time consuming, way to measure whether or not your battery is adequate is to leave it on standby for as long as you can and see how long it lasts - Apple says that it should last 250 hours on standby.
  15. mjeagent

    First Time Visiting Apple Store Genius Bar - Left With Bad Experience!

    I have been experiencing similar issues to most on this forum...horrible battery life, poor sound quality (earpiece and speaker phone), screen clarity/sharpness, etc. For the first time in my life, I decided to make an appointment with the Geniuses at my local Apple Store. Went in there with...
  16. mjeagent

    Can't Get Customizer To Work

    I'm on 1.1.1 and whenever I install Customizer it shows up as an icon, but when I click on it, it opens and shows a picture of that chicken, but then blacks out and goes back to the "Slide to Unlock" screen. I tried uninstall and reinstall, but no luck.
  17. mjeagent

    Camera broken after update 1.1.2?

    Looks fine to me.
  18. mjeagent

    Changing Phones at AT&T

    I realize that one can't simply switch sim cards from a BB to the iPhone, but can I switch the sim cards and then log into and switch the plans to use my iPhone?
  19. mjeagent

    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    29, male, lobbyist
  20. mjeagent

    Consequences of upgrading to 1.1.1

    Just do a full restore before upgrading and you will be fine.