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  1. Muncle

    NES Emulator Released for iPhone!

    haha! nice, i didn't realize that ssh and tethering were two different things.. okay well, time to get started!
  2. Muncle

    NES Emulator Released for iPhone!

    Hey disco, are you using a mac? if so, how do i install this?
  3. Muncle

    NES Emulator Released for iPhone!

    I'm pretty sure it is in the "iPhone Modifications" Forum, but I'm not totally positive. Someone might be kind enough to post the instructions here. I was reading the app author's notes and he was saying he was going to try to implement sound and better controls by the end of the week...
  4. Muncle

    NES Emulator Released for iPhone!

    you can get it from here ( just click on the tab at the top that says "downloads" as far as installing not that familiar with, so you might want to check the modification forum
  5. Muncle

    NES Emulator Released for iPhone!

    I didn't make it, but you can go here the project homepage to download the app and I guess install it. I haven't done anything more than add ringtones and carrier logos, so maybe someone experienced here can explain how to install 3rd party apps
  6. Muncle

    NES Emulator Released for iPhone!

    Yeah, the floodgates have opened, and we promise not to bug you with every new app to come down the pipe, but we figured you'd want to know when you can get your Mario on Now - - how do we install this?
  7. Muncle

    Confirmed Ringtones on iTunes 7.3

    Yeah...I was about to say.."how does this confirm?" It's not confirmed until Steve Jobs says so.
  8. Muncle

    Tethering walkthru

    What part are you not getting? I got stuck too, but after a while of tinkering in Network Preferences and the iPhone, I got it working.
  9. Muncle

    Tethering walkthru

    Are using a mac?
  10. Muncle

    Is there away to add ringtones to my email or SMS

    if you mean the sound when you receive and send email, then yes.. it should be somewhere under how to add custom ringtones in the guides
  11. Muncle

    Pre-Pay Account - Activation Nightmare - HELP!

    wow..that sucks.. i guess im lucky not to have any experiences like that.
  12. Muncle

    Tethering walkthru

    Never Mind, I got it working... I was reading into the directions too much! Ha! EDIT:: After doing this, has anyone else noticed the "Phone Number: n/a " on the iPhone sync screen in iTunes? Mine does it..and although everything works perfectly..(I can make and receive calls) this one...
  13. Muncle

    Tethering walkthru

    Sorry..I understand what the goal in doing this is, but I want to make sure I don't mess up. What do you mean by "then move jailbreak out"?
  14. Muncle

    Watch for an extra $2.99 on your bill

    yeah..i just got the flyer and assistance cards in the it the same day i got my first bill. so i went down to AT&T to pay the bill, its way faster and convenient, so anyway i asked about it and the roadside assistance is put on automatically, you have to cancel it. so be sure to...
  15. Muncle

    anyone do the tethering mod on a Mac?

    ha, i know... it would seem only natural for the mac people to be the first ones to find out the iPhone's potential....but I guess it's pretty cool that PC users are also helping out!
  16. Muncle

    anyone do the tethering mod on a Mac?

    Yeah, it seems that it was written for windows, and mac as an afterthought.. but here is one tutorial that is supposed to be for mac. this is the tutorial used in the now famous video on youtube.
  17. Muncle

    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    Here you says it works for pc...but im not sure, since im using a mac.
  18. Muncle

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Hey DiBxna, Where did you get those icons? It looks more "mac" than the current iPhone icons! haha.
  19. Muncle

    iPhones YouTube handicaped?

    youtube is in the process of converting the videos to the approriate format for the iPhone. wait a few months, and all the videos should be up!
  20. Muncle

    Carrier Logo PICK UP ONLY

    by the way, just in case, i didn't know that imageshack changes the filename, so be sure to rename the files