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    iPhone 3G WiFi issue

    My 3G has started to have problems connecting with my wifi network. Some websites open but most not. They do work with 3G. I have reset my router, cable box, turned off and on wifi on the phone, disconnected my connection on the phone and reset the phone. I can access part of the iTunes App...
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    Shure MPA and car stereo

    Since my vehicle's sound system has RCA inputs, I connected my iPhone to it via the Shure MPA. Now I can listen to music or podcasts through my stereo. When a call comes in the sound fades, the iPhone rings and I answer the call through the MPA. I can here the caller through the stereo and my...
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    Apple Bluetooth static

    I just picked one up and found a great deal of static in the background that is most obvious when there is no talking but diminished somewhat when conversation is taking place. I can't have the phone more than a few feet away without losing connection and even with it only inches from the...