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  1. kashbo25

    If FAVRE returns, MAdden 09.......

    Say if Brett favre returns which is going to happen due to fact he faxed in his reinstatement letter to the league office and he gets traded to another team, do you think EA SPORTS madden 09 will change the cover to him in his new uniform?
  2. kashbo25


    Man Was this movie da shizzznit! I have to say better than ironman It suck though heath ledger was a great joker!, But Got a question did 2face really die? I mean in da comics and all im just wondering will harvey dent be back for da next batman movie! But also Speculation has it johnny depp...
  3. kashbo25

    iPhone ringtonemaker works for 3G

    I Uploaded my ringtones from iPhone ringtonemaker to my 3g iPhone it works well!
  4. kashbo25

    My 3G iPhone adventure West Palm Beach Florida Edition

    Hey guys, You have got to hear my story, so july 11th iPhone 3g launch started @ 8:00, my intentions was to get it on tuesday july 15th on my birthday, because i already owned the 1st iPhone. I went to the gardens mall to pick up gift cards to the mall for my sister because it was her birthday! I...
  5. kashbo25

    3G Activation?

    Hey Guys man its been along time since I been on here, But I was just wondering is it 100% fact that if you do purchase a 3G iPhone you must activate it in the store?
  6. kashbo25

    Trade in option?

    I was wondering since there is so much speculation and rumors that I phone 2.0 will come out in december will there be an aption of trading in your old iPhone and pay the difffrence
  7. kashbo25

    Need Jawbone feedback

    I am finally convinced that I need a jawbone so I was wondering does anyone have on and tell me if its worth the $129.99 if you guys can I will get 2morrow after class
  8. kashbo25

    Shes hott to bad

    Id hit lol
  9. kashbo25

    3G a Possibility

    I was @ work messing around with my iPhone I had this phone since the 29th and I just found out about the sim card, how; I messed around with the little circle on top of the phone and I inserted a paperclip in it, out pops a sim card with a 3g logo. So I was thinking maybe att will upgrade from...
  10. kashbo25

    just got madden 2008

    just got madden 08 from my manager friend @ eb games for ps3 I like it, game play is nice but now I feel like i need a 360 the graphics look so much better. I still can not believe they ranked my dolphins "86"
  11. kashbo25

    Crazy video of an iPhone Check that out
  12. kashbo25

    Stop complaining

    Wifi works great if you want wifi for your home just buy a dsl broadband router from 40-60 bucks by linksys. I bought one and I have wifi throughout the home and it works for my ps3
  13. kashbo25

    I need Movies

    Does anybody know a great site where you can download movies and put them into your iPhone does not allow downloads
  14. kashbo25

    No games

    Im having so much fun with this phone, I already uploaded my iTunes library, the wifi is awesome and I was just wondering no games on it? Can we download any?
  15. kashbo25

    No Campers in West PAlm Beach?

    I Passed by the ATT 5min away from my house no one there. Wow, Im so going tomorrow @ 3:00pm first I have to withdraw $800 from the bank
  16. kashbo25

    Don't Need An Upgrade

    I just called an att store 10 min from where I live and I asked him do we need to be eligible for an upgrade, he said no they will extend your contract to two more years! YEAH :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: I am so Ready for IDAY!
  17. kashbo25

    I've reached a verdict..

    I am going to an Cingular store @ 3:00 pm on friday, wait till 6:00 get the 8gb phone if they don't have any more then I will just order it from them to pick up later BC this is a MUST HAVE PHONE
  18. kashbo25

    Campers in WEST PALM BEACH

    Anyone Camping out here on the 29th
  19. kashbo25

    I just Won......

    I just won a PS3 in a Raffle I wish I could have won the iPhone sweepstakes here on EI but hey you cant win everything
  20. kashbo25

    Just want to make sure

    I was just making sure that ALL corporate Cingular stores will sell the iPhone @ 6:00pm on Friday, right, otherwise I will go to the store like around 3:00 pm