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  1. Woody dog

    Will Cydia apps have to be updated for 4s?

    I was wondering if the cydia apps will have to be updated to work on the 4S when the jailbreak comes out? I know most are updated for ios5 just wondering about the 4S compatibility?
  2. Woody dog

    Full bars 3G and no data on 4s

    I've had it sine the first day it came out. It worked perfect till over 24hrs ago now. When to get on the net on 3G and nothing and had full bars. So I flipped airplane mode on and off and still nothing. I've reset network settings done a hard reset and have restored in iTunes to new phone...
  3. Woody dog

    iTunes opens when i download redsnow help

    every time i download the file and then i try to open it it just opens iTunes and thats it! please help I want to update to 4.3.1 and jailbreak what am i doing wrong? or what settings can i change?
  4. Woody dog

    Pod2g quit the chronic dev team

    I saw it on twitter. He was the main guy on the jailbreak. WTF
  5. Woody dog

    Banking and jailbreak?

    Is it safe to use my banking app and pay bills on my jailbroke 3gs? I changed root and mobile passwords.
  6. Woody dog

    how do i share songs in iTunes?

    Ok how can I get songs of my girl friends iTunes account to mine? Its on the same computer with different user accounts.
  7. Woody dog

    Just got girlfriend a 3GS

    Just got back from AT&T store. I got my girlfriend a 3gs 16gig black. It was the only way I could keep her off mine! It was so much fun setting it up it's like I just got a new one. I put my old moshi on it till her speck candyshell comes this week. We are going to drink some beers and play...
  8. Woody dog

    Just got Bose sounddock 2

    This thing sounds so good for it's size. It was alittle pricey. I paid 270 287 after tax. But you get what you pay for.
  9. Woody dog

    Love my speck candyshell

    I got my case two weeks ago. It took some getting use to comming from a moshi igaze. But I wanted more protection. Well i got home from a 6 mile hike at the old mans cave winter hike. Was taking my boots off. And the phone slid out of my pocket. It bounced like a basket ball across concreet...
  10. Woody dog

    Post your iPhone 3GS download speeds

    What's your best 3g speed test? Just want to see what people are getting with the new up grade to AT&T. I went from 600-800 to 2000-3000