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  1. Woody dog

    I'm back on Team iPhone

    when the jailbreak comes out you will love the iPhone. It's just taking forever to come out this time around. I'm thinking of trying out Android. But I love a jailbroke iPhone
  2. Woody dog

    Who let the dogs out?

    And this is my 8 year old pure bred lab woody
  3. Woody dog

    Who let the dogs out?

    This is my 2 year old Ridgeback and pit mix lacy after a 4mi hike
  4. Woody dog

    BORED! iPhone 4s Help

    like bennyboy said hell yeah We are just waiting for the jailbreak.
  5. Woody dog

    Apple replacements suck

    I feel the same way. I miss my 3GS wish I didn't sell it when I got the 4S
  6. Woody dog

    System app is free right now

    Got it thanks
  7. Woody dog

    Will Cydia apps have to be updated for 4s?

    I was wondering if the cydia apps will have to be updated to work on the 4S when the jailbreak comes out? I know most are updated for ios5 just wondering about the 4S compatibility?
  8. Woody dog

    Waiting for the 4S jailbreak

    Waiting for the 4S jailbreak
  9. Woody dog

    Stay away from 5.01 for good.

    I have the same issue. I'm not updating to 5.0.1 I need a jailbreak on my 4S. I plugged the phone in to charge then looked at it a hour later and it had the pop up that a software update is available. I think it turned up with auto back up to iCloud. Now I'm stuck with the #1 on my settings...
  10. Woody dog

    Late because of time change?

    My alarm went off at 5:35 like I had it set. I set my regular alarm just to make sure
  11. Woody dog

    Songs From iPhone to Laptop

    I have used sharepod many times. Works great
  12. Woody dog

    Full bars 3G and no data on 4s

    Update to story. Whent to AT&T today and as soon as I walk in. One of the reps I've dealt with before said let me guess no data on 3G. Yep that's it. She said its been out for everyone for 2-3 days. She said they know about it but don't know what the problem is. It's out for around an 1/8...
  13. Woody dog

    Found out how to lengthen battery life on 4s

    The time zone helped me out I when from 3.5hrs on full charge to 6.5hrs after disabling it the other day. Just having other issues now
  14. Woody dog

    Full bars 3G and no data on 4s

    Thanks I'm thinking the same thing. It's just crazy no one else I know with iPhone 4 are having any issues I going to try the new sim tomorrow And hoping that works. I love my 4s. It's sucked at work with no Internet I'm on it around 4hrs of an 8hr day. I just want my net back
  15. Woody dog

    Full bars 3G and no data on 4s

    That's what I thought I work 20mi away and have an AT&T tower right in my works back yard. And I had full bars and nothing. I can make calls and sometimes text go through. It does the same at home and I know it's a different tower.
  16. Woody dog

    Full bars 3G and no data on 4s

    Yep bill is payed. And yeah whent through all the steps twice with Apple support. Its all the stuff I did before I called them. This is not first iPhone. I got 3GS on launch day. And have upgraded to every new firmware As soon as jailbreak is available and was on iOS 5 since beta 5 on the 3GS...
  17. Woody dog

    Full bars 3G and no data on 4s

    I've had it sine the first day it came out. It worked perfect till over 24hrs ago now. When to get on the net on 3G and nothing and had full bars. So I flipped airplane mode on and off and still nothing. I've reset network settings done a hard reset and have restored in iTunes to new phone...
  18. Woody dog

    iPhone 4s battery charging

    Mine does the same thing. I plug it in at night I wake up like 7-8hrs later and it's at 92-96%
  19. Woody dog

    My speed test on WiFi and on the network

    Thats AT&T and time Warner for wifi