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  1. Daking618

    Must Have

    Hey you all as you may know I just got an iPad 3days ago and I really do t have anything on it what are some must have apps
  2. Daking618

    Should I jailbreak my iPad 2?

    Hey everyone I just got an iPad 2 two days ago should I Jailbreak it I've had an iPhone for 2 years and never Jailbroke it. So should I jb my iPad. Is it much better?
  3. Daking618

    Typing On iPad

    Hey you all do I just got a iPad 2 two days ago. I'm not good at typing on it at all. Not good on the computer either. But I wanna get really good so any tips or apps that I can download to help IMPROVE my typing skills.
  4. Daking618

    I Just got a 64GB iPad 2

    I Just got a 64GB iPad 2 for $500 I've always wanted one and I finally got on fresh out the box wrapper and all
  5. Daking618

    I'm back on Team iPhone

    So I had the iPhone 4s and I sold it and got the HTC vivid because I really wanted a Android. So I got the Android things I liked free music AT&T 4G LTE and the screen size. Well after 2 days I started missing my iPhone. I would see other ppl with iPhone and I would look at my phone and say...
  6. Daking618

    BORED! iPhone 4s Help

    Okay I've had the iPhone 3G 4 And now I have the 4s. I'm bored honestly I never got bored with my 4. But now that I've renewed my contract and I still have a iPhone I'm kinda wishing that I got an Android. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Apple fan. But maybe if I jailbreak it I'll have a better...
  7. Daking618

    Should I buy an iPad or Android tablet?

    Okay I have a iPhone 4s and I'm getting a MacBook pro. I would like to get a iPad 2 because I really would like to just have a tablet. but should I stick with the Apple theme here and get the iPad 2 or should I get a Android tablet. Because I really do like the fact that I could customize my...
  8. Daking618

    What's your Starbucks drink

    Vanilla Bean frapuccino with Carmel syrup
  9. Daking618

    MacBook Is a MacBook worth it.

    Is a MacBook worth buying or should I save for a MacBook pro?
  10. Daking618

    iOS 5 text tone question.

    Since you don't have to plug your iPhone into the computer now. The apps that lets you create your ringtones from The music you have on your iPod. How can we do this without hooking it to the computer?
  11. Daking618

    eiC app keeps asking for login and password

    I know someone may have ask this. But ever time I launch the app it requires me to put in my username and password. Is there anyway to bypass this. Because it really gets annoying to continuously have to put in the username and password.
  12. Daking618

    Bad News

    Okay so I didn't get a chance to pre order and I have to be at work at 6am I'm getting off at 2pm. Do you think I might have a chance to find one at AT&T. I'm in Atlanta GA
  13. Daking618

    Do I camp out or go at 6am?

    I didn't get a chance to preorder my phone. And i get off at 12 tonight And I've never got a Apple product on the first day. So I was debating should I go to AT&T or Apple to get it. And should I camp out after I get off work. Or wake up at 5 and be there by6?
  14. Daking618

    Wait to upgrade to iOS 5

    Okay I have the iPhone 4 now. I know that the official release for the iOS 5 comes out 2days before the 4s. So I've decided not to upgrade my 4 to the new software. So when I get the 4s that Friday it seems like I have a completely new phone. Lol I'm just saying. What do you all think?
  15. Daking618

    When did AT&T get this? $45 DataPro plan

    When did AT&T get this: DataPro 4GB 4GB for iPhone with tethering $45/mo.
  16. Daking618

    iPhone 4S I'm buying, how about you?

    Well I have the iPhone 4-Black model now. I will be purchasing the white iPhone 4Gs model how about you? I'm pretty pleased with the specks. yes after the looooong wait I expected a little more. But with the iOS 5 update and the specks that comes with the 4s I will make the upgrade.
  17. Daking618

    AT&T lied!

    So why I think AT&T lied when the said only 5% of there customers use over 2G's of data. Image has been removed.
  18. Daking618

    T-Mobile iPhone Commercial

    Has anyone seen the New T-Mobile iPhone 4 Commercial talking about AT&T and Verizon? I mean come on since when does T-Mobile have the right to talk about anyone. There the last in the game. I mean even Sprint is better then them.