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  1. katra

    Katra's Weather V3

    Hello to all ..! Im back after being away for a while..! I Bring you my latest Weather Theme.. it's just gorgeous..! KATRA'S WEATHER V3 ! - Enjoy =) Download: *****Note: You will need to download the following from Cydia prior installation to make it...
  2. katra

    Neo Chromatic Theme - By Katra !

    Hello Guy' is my Neo Chromatic Theme..! Hope you like it....:D i Also included an Icon PSD file...! Check the "No undocked Icon labels" in get the it right.. Click on link for Large ScreenShot...
  3. katra

    HTC Weather on iPhone ( project )

    ! Katra's Weather HD ( Release ) ! Hello Guy's... the Update is here...! thanks for being patient... Fixes: - New Battery look when Charging - 100% accurate weather - Slide to answer inplemented - Animated Throbbler when updating - Icon wont display when receiving a call while on edge or 3G...
  4. katra

    WOW ! iRinger for iPhone ! WOW (Best one)

    Hey guy's check it out...! I've been using it for a while, so i wanted to share it with ya....:laugh2: iRinger creates free ringtones for your iPhone from virtually any music or video file you own. Even YouTube videos! iRinger exports ringtones to iTunes, so there is no need to "jailbreak"...
  5. katra

    WOW ! i-funbox for firmware 2.1 ! WOW

    This tool is great for preatty much everything you need...:laugh2: "i-FunBox is an iPhone file browser for any iPhone. No jailbreak needed, no hack, no deamon install" Highlights: Total Control of iPhone File System Manage files on your iPhone in a way just like Windows Explorer but...
  6. katra

    iFlow Theme for SummerBoard ! (Top Notch)

    Hey guy's, i've been working on a theme for summerboard that i called iFlow .. What's different about this theme is that it brings a kind of coverflow feel to the springboard because you just swipe through the icons, it is very minimalistic...this will not require any third party apps to...
  7. katra

    Grainy iPhone pics (synced from iTunes)

    This applys to every iPhone owner outhere. I don't know why no one has made a big fuzz about photos in your iPhone being grainy or low res...(not your camera roll pics)...this has been an ongoing issue with iTunes primarily because it "Optimizes" your photos when synced to the iPhone causing it...
  8. katra

    WOW ! Best 3D game ever !

    Check this game out guy's ! Another one from Marco 3d game out...! check it out here:
  9. katra

    WOW- intelliscreen - very cool app !

    Hey guys, check it out....! It displays various data on your “Slide To Unlock Screen.” Add: as a source in Installer to download. Please note that this is in Beta so install at your own risk. Features: View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather...
  10. katra

    Why go crazy about iPhone 3G ?

    I don't get why people are going crazy about The 3G iPhone, At&t offers 3G but not everywhere, plus it is only going to increase your internet speed by a few kilobites... hello, wifi is way faster than 3g even though not available everywhere (i have it at home), so i just don't understand...
  11. katra

    WOW ! Dress My iFone ! For SMB on XP

    Hey guy's here is another great app for Windows, and for people who use SummerBoard ... This are some features::laugh2: Display the iPhone themes saved on your PC Change icons Hide icons Tranfer Themes from PC to iPhone (FW 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 Only) Display the list of Themes installed on your...
  12. katra

    WOW! iPhone Pc Suite ! amazing!

    It's called iPhone PC Suite ! :laugh2: Forget about iTunes.......This beats iTunes ! The Most complete application on XP for everything iPhone...!:laugh2: Description: :laugh2: Download & Upload pics to and from PC and iPhone for...... Camera Roll- works 100% (upload / download) Calendar-...
  13. katra

    WOW ! Really COOL game with COOL sounds !

    check it out! :laugh2: it's called WeSpot ! it's really cool...and it has some really cool interactive sounds...:laugh2: Source: (it's case sensitive)
  14. katra

    iPhoneBrowser - Best App to MODIFY !

    By far, iPhone Browser is the best app you can use to modify your iPhone !:laugh2: it's just so easy, -drag & drop your files into your iPhone (even multiple files) -Preview any PNG,Plist,xml and text files. -create folders -full view of folders and subfolders -preset directories...
  15. katra

    Wow, 3D games for iPhone

    wow guys these games are so cool....and they are 3D...:laugh2: check them out...:laugh2: add this to installer source.. and download !
  16. katra

    ZiPhone Jailbreak now works with iBrickr !

    woooooooo ! ZiPhone Jailbreak now works with iBrickr !:laugh2: all you have to do is go to installer and add this source : http// and refresh, then click the "install" button in installer and scroll to "unlocking tools" and download the "ZiPhone iBrickr Fix".. and presto ...
  17. katra

    HELP! No sound after The New JB for 1.1.3

    PLease someone Help ! i did the newely realeased jailbreak by ziPhone and everything went great.. But now i have no sound...:angry: what can i do to get my sound back ? thanks in advance.
  18. katra

    Help! ibrickr 1.1.3 JB issues

    Help....!:angry: i now have a jailbroken 1.1.3 but ibricker doesn't upload anything to my phone. if i upload an icon it show up, but there is nothing there as the all uploaded files show up as 0 KB. please help, i want to mod my phone....!:angry: oh, and by the way my stock ringtones...
  19. katra

    1.1.3 downgrade (this might work)

    Hey guy's all iPhone restore files are zip files. if you change the "1.1.3.ipsw" to "" you can extract all its contents. but, where is the baseband located within the zip ? if we can replace the baseband file with one from a previous restore file (1.0.2, 1.1.1 or 1.1.2) we can then...
  20. katra

    Extra Memory For iPhone ! ?

    hey guy's i was always asking myself if there was a way to put more memory on the iPhone.... i searched and found out that it is possoble ! :smile: how you ask ? well, by putting more memory on the sim card ofcourse !:laugh2: Samsung has just released a 1 GB sim card! (not much...