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  1. Reverserewind

    iPad Windows Server Access

    Forgive me I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to remote network access. I'm just wondering if there is a way to VPN to an office network through the iPad similar to how I would with my laptop. I'd love to be able to access network files while on the road without having to take the laptop...
  2. Reverserewind

    Trying to update to 2.2

    I've been trying to update to 2.2 and for some reason is just keeps freezing at the Apple screen. It was previously jb and I restored to 2.1 and that's what started it, it didn't restore properly apparently. Any suggestions? pls help...
  3. Reverserewind

    Word & Excel viewer or editing

    I'm thinking of moving to the iPhone 3g from a Treo and was just wondering about the editing ability for simple word and excel documents. I know there is a viewer for pdfs, excel, word, ppt but can you edit at all? Also I've seen nothing about tasks or syncing outlook tasks just the contacts...