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  1. SPCartmanLand

    Where do I get summerboard from?

    I don't see it on the installer list I'm new to all this so.....
  2. SPCartmanLand

    Why can't you text in landscape mode

    like when using safari the keyboard would be so much better for texts
  3. SPCartmanLand

    How much ram does the iPhone have?

    On the iPhone (Original 2G), I was wondering what processor it is using and the speed. Also, how much RAM is in the iPhone?
  4. SPCartmanLand

    Do the Apple Stores sell the refurbished iPhones?

    i seen that they sell them online just wondering if the local stores sell them as well?
  5. SPCartmanLand

    So how many charges is the battery good for?

    Has Apple provided any information on the lifespan of the iPhone battery? In particular, how many hours can it charge before it needs to be replaced?
  6. SPCartmanLand

    What's a hard reset do exactly?

    "Hold the power button (top of phone) and the home button at the bottom of the phone at the same time. This will hard reset it." is this like a reformat that deletes everything to factory settings or what?
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    Man you got to be kidding me wtf NO WIFI?

    first day ive had the phone now it says no wifi i cant even enable the wifi wtf is going on here
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    28 Page iPhone Review ! ! ! ! !
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    How do i delete music off my iPhone?

    didn't realize i had so much music and need to free up some space how do i delete certain artists off my ihpone?
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    For people that say the keyboard sucks

    this dude sure doesn't have any trouble lol
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    How do i get thsis ite NOT to send me a email everytime someone replys?

    i cant seem to find any options to disable this its very annoying everytime someone responds to a thread i get an email
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    Can anyone upload a video of them browsing the web in landscape mode?

    upload to youtube or something, all the videos ive seen are from Apple and i wanna see someone actually use it first hand
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    So how is the web browser via WiFi?

    how well does the iPhone handle heavy pages like myspace, etc....? does it have all features of a pc browser?
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    How long is the iPhone under warranty by Apple?

    someone here posted 14 days please tell me this isn't true
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    Apple's site is pissing me off

    did anyone actually get through to order one? i was on last page and clicked submit or whatever , the price of the iPhone is pending on my bank but my order history on Apple store says no orders past 90 days WTF? knowing my luck they auth my card but the order didn't go all the way through so...
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    Apple store online questions

    so iPhones go on sale tonight at 6pm PST online correct? how long you think before the site crashes lol? also any clue as to how many online store will have
  17. SPCartmanLand

    New to the iPhone and have a few quick questions....

    #1. does it go on sale today at 6pm on Apples site? (if so 6pm eastern or what?) #2. if i buy one can i use the wifi, music player, etc... on it without paying for a stupid AT&T plan? cause i don't need the phone aspect just want it for the awesome web browsing via wifi and all....