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    stuck on 2.0 upgrade - iTunes store can't connect

    You said it. I was 7 hours without my phone (my only phone) on a busy work day.
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    stuck on 2.0 upgrade - iTunes store can't connect

    Mine just went through. My iTunes was not even recognizing the phone, so I tried restarting my computer and when I reopened iTunes and plugged in the phone it started up.
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    stuck on 2.0 upgrade - iTunes store can't connect

    That would be nice, but now, my iTunes is not even recognizing that the phone when I plug it in. Earlier, it was at least recognizing it.
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    stuck on 2.0 upgrade - iTunes store can't connect

    I downloaded the new iTunes, then did the 2.0 download, and at the end of the restore I got the same message. Right now my phone is useless. I'm just glad to know that it did not just happen to me.
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    Proof of speaker mod effectiveness. DO IT!

    My one big complaint about my iPhone has been the volume on my phone calls. I came across the poke mod about a week ago and went ahead and poked my two launch 8 gigs. Here is what I experienced: I used a straight pin. Different holes were poke-able on my two phones. I was able to poke probably...
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    Anyone Give Up and Go Back to Blackberry?

    I had a Nextel Blackberry for the previous 2 years. I do miss the walkie talkie, the clear loud speaker phone, and the... well I guess I only miss those two things. You could not pay me to go back to Blackberry.
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    Wife's iPhone wont turn on...need help pls.

    Actually this happened to my wife's iPhone yesterday. She received a phone call while it was in the dock and when she slid to unlock the screen went black and it would not wake up by pressing either the home button or the sleep/awake button. I had to hold down the home button at the same time as...
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    What store has best selection of cases?

    Fry's does not yet have a selection of iPhone accessories.
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    Bang & Olufsen Earset 2 Bluetooth headset

    Do you mind sharing how much it was on ebay?
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    Here's the accessory I want

    Ooh, can I play? Universal translator including Klingon please. :2cool:
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    I don't want to jump in bewtween warring factions, but here is my input. I am switching from a Nextel Blackberry. Things I don't miss from my Blackberry: 1) not being able to see the screen half the time if the light is not just right. 2) not having to push the light button all the time...
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    Question about good holster style case-Griffin Elan or Belkin or other?

    I have the Griffen Elan. Great holster. Very snug fit to the point of requiring some effort to remove the phone. This may change over time, but right now I can turn my holster upside down, shake it and the phone will not budge. It's very good quality and I like that the face of the phone is...