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  1. detroity2k

    Apple Watch Pulse Oximetry functionality capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation is turned off

    After researching AW apps all day, I came across an interesting article on the iMedicalApps website. The article titled "How Apple Watch's ability to measure blood oxygen saturation can be used in medicine" explains how the iFixit company tore down the AW and found a pulse oximetry inside the...
  2. detroity2k

    Best Apps For Apple Watch?

    What is the best or your favorite Apple Watch (AW) Apps? I find it difficult to search the App Store for AW Apps. It was very time consuming for me to find the best News, Sports, Fitness and Passbook app that works for me. So far I am unable to find a site that has ratings for AW Apps similar...
  3. detroity2k

    Will the Apple Watch sync/connect with iTunes?

    2 hours with my Apple Watch and now I am wondering if it can connect directly to iTunes. I would like to shop the app store and sync with it like the iphone and ipad. Thus far, it seems that the only way to accomplish syncing is with the devise that the Apple Watch is paired to. Let me know if...
  4. detroity2k

    Apple and Drake $19 million deal?

    Apple's yet-to-be-announced music streaming service wants record labels to give the company the right to their music for free for the first three months according to a New York Post report. This is a wild request!!! Music streaming s not my thing yet.
  5. detroity2k

    Where's The Camera

    Totally a gut punch! iPods, iPhone 1-6, imac, MacBook Pro, time capsule, Match, iPad, iPad mini, Apple TV, and a host of converters, cords, cables, etc. They release this thing without a camera! We all know they will have a camera for photos and then a year later make it video capable and then...
  6. detroity2k

    Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange Program

    The Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange Program was very easy but it is going to suck waiting three (3) weeks for a replacement. I did it on line and it was a breeze! Too bad Apple just can't get the 3g iPhone right, and this just in after the wonderful update to 2.1. Anyone think...