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  1. tpeter

    Doesn't seem that HOT this year..

    Can still purcahse on Verizon and ATT and get on release.. Sucks for those that got up at 3AM or which over your time when you could have slept in.. myself included.
  2. tpeter

    Switched to Verizon because AT&T site sucks

    I was debating switching anyway because i get a 15% discount with Verizon vs 5% with my work. But ive been grandfathered in my data so i was nervous... But after looking at the last years data for me and my wife we have never gone over 6gb of data.. So ATT site is still down, verizon was up...
  3. tpeter

    iPhone 5 preorder time?

    Is it going to be 12pst 3am est like last year? I did this last year but was 6am est by the time servers actually worked.. I plan on doing the same and pulling an all nighter.
  4. tpeter

    Stay up all night and you can still get on release date from Apple

    So i haven't slept yet and if you want you can still get off and have shipped to you on release date. Either they made a ton of these or they are not that popular.
  5. tpeter

    For those selling iPhone 4 on eBay.. Question

    If i was to sell my phone on eBay now while they are still getting decent money. What phone are you guys using for the next week or till you get your new iPhone?
  6. tpeter

    Family Plan Upgrade options.. One of you get Screwed!

    Me and my wife both got the iPhone 4 last year together on the release date. We normally had separate plans but decided to do a family plan to save a few bucks. Anyway, when we check our upgrade options it tells me that she can upgrade for the 199 and I will have to pay the 199 plus the 250 or...
  7. tpeter

    Help downloading ISPW file

    Im trying to jailbreak 4.3.2 with redsnow and it needs the newest software ISPW file. WHen i download this file and unzip it, its about 30 different files and not just one individual ISPW file.. WTF am i doing wrong?
  8. tpeter

    Otterbox and sound?

    Does the new otterbox for the iPhone4 cut the sound by like 50% like my last 3g case did?
  9. tpeter

    Headphones for iPhone?

    Are there any over the head headphones out for the iPhone. I go to the gym and these earbuds are horrible. I cant run on the treadmill without them constantly falling out. I need some good over the head phones.
  10. tpeter

    Love the iPhone hate AT&T

    Simply stated their network sucks. I have more dropped calls everyday and cant remember when i had one with Verizon. oh well.
  11. tpeter

    DVD movies to iPhone?

    I think this may have been asked before but... How do i rip one of my dvd movies and get it on my iPhone.. thanks.. sorry for being a nub.
  12. tpeter

    SIM card question and activation

    So ive been waiting like 36 hours and no activation like a lot of us. I am porting my verizon number to my new ATT account and found out that its not even close to being done. Here is my question, If i go to ATT and get a new SIM card put it and come home and plug it into my computer does...
  13. tpeter

    Xanax for sleep tonight

    I have anxiety quite often and tonight is no different. Not sure its all iPhone related but im taking a xanny to make sure i get my sleep. lol
  14. tpeter

    Question about 2 yr contract?

    Are you sure that when you buy the iPhone you have to sign an agreement right then an there? I was hoping this was the case so people couldnt wait in line for this phone to just turn around and sell them on eBay. I asked someone at my local Apple store about that and he said he couldnt sign...
  15. tpeter

    Camping just 3-6 hours should be plenty!

    I honestly think this amount of time will be fine for getting an iPhone. I think one good reason is that there will be no ebayers in line for the iPhone simply because you are required to sign a contract. I camped out the Ps3 2 different times and 90% of the people in line were going to...
  16. tpeter

    Will be a long day on the 29th even after they open.

    Think about it. I don't think we will have to camp 24 hours or anything, perhaps possibly 4 to 6 hours im guessing at max. BUT, lets say there is 150 iPhones at the store you are going to and you are number 100 in line. Think about how long it will take for those 100 people ahead of you to...
  17. tpeter

    What income bracket are you in.. also your age?

    I have been trolling this forum for a while now and just thought of this question. The Apple iPhone is 600 dollars but after you add accessories, Applecare warranty, startup fees and possibly breaking our current contracts, this will leave us spending close to 1000.00 dollars on a phone. June...