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  1. DiBxna

    iPhoneinterface/manzana not working... lil help!

    so i have never had a problem loading everything from ringtones to full out custom themes onto my phone... well about an hour ago i attempted to load manzana and it no longer shows all the normal folders, but only the iTunes folder. I then loaded iPhoneinterface and it wont even make it past the...
  2. DiBxna

    Mass sending of SMS

    Is there a way that i just haven't figured out which allows me to send the same SMS message to multiple contacts at once without having to go in and retype the same message to like 50 different people?
  3. DiBxna

    Icon Pixel Sizes?

    whats up everyone... i have figured out the hard part on how to place custom .png images in any part of the iPhone (yes even changing the keypad color and the keypad color when pressed down in the mobile phone part) but i have a huge problem haha... i don't know what size each key is or for that...