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  1. Reverserewind

    iPad Windows Server Access

    FileBrowser app seems to work well to get the files off of a server but getting them back on is a different story. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  2. Reverserewind

    More use out of my iPad in 2 weeks than 6 months with a BB-PB...

    More use out of my iPad in 2 weeks than 6 months with a BB-PB...
  3. Reverserewind

    iPad Windows Server Access

    Forgive me I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to remote network access. I'm just wondering if there is a way to VPN to an office network through the iPad similar to how I would with my laptop. I'd love to be able to access network files while on the road without having to take the laptop...
  4. Reverserewind

    Video? Voice Control? Did we REALLY need new hardware?

    I will be pretty disappointed with 3.0 if VC isn't included. I've learned to live without cut/paste but VD is something even the most basic of cell phones seem to have. I use my hands free all the time and have continually tried VD apps but something straight form Apple would hopefully be much...
  5. Reverserewind

    Calendar sync option

    Genius! Thanks I'd set that on my last trip out west and completely forgot about timezone setting there. Greatly appreciated!
  6. Reverserewind

    Calendar sync option

    I'm having some inconsistency problems. The times on my iPhone all seem to be 3hours earlier than what they are in my MobileMe calendar and some of the changes made on my phone or MobileMe aren't making it back to outlook. Is there a timezone setting I'm missing somewhere that's causing a 3...
  7. Reverserewind

    Trying to update to 2.2

    I started the process again and then updated to 2.2 and now it seems to work. Thanks for the advice. Man that was a stressful time waiting for the sync to finish and see if it worked.
  8. Reverserewind

    Trying to update to 2.2

    I've been trying to update to 2.2 and for some reason is just keeps freezing at the Apple screen. It was previously jb and I restored to 2.1 and that's what started it, it didn't restore properly apparently. Any suggestions? pls help...
  9. Reverserewind

    Confused with jailbreaking 3G

    I've got a couple quick questions. I read that if you sync once jailbroken your backup will acutally still have a trace that it was jailbroken. If you backup, and then take a copy of that backup file and store it in a different folder will it then be fine for restoring the phone later if...
  10. Reverserewind

    How long do you think it will be until...

    It took them 3 days to sell 1 million of the 3G phones. It took them 74 days to sell 1 million of the V1 phones. Obviously this is also a function of how many more countries it went to but they also learnt from the V1 release.
  11. Reverserewind

    The Lego piece with the ? mark on it

    I must say I love the piece of Lego. My particular favourite right now is the Rogers iPhone page where they prompt you to take advantage of their music and ringtone/trax downloads however the pages almost all require plug-ins that aren't supported. Solid forsight on that one!
  12. Reverserewind

    Calendar with Outlook 2007

    I'd love to know how this is going to work something I've been waiting for.
  13. Reverserewind

    Just called my local Apple store

    I can't believe there is going to be line ups everywhere. I know a place that's a low traffic store by my office I'm just going to pass by on my way in Friday am. If there is a line up I'll keep driving if not I'll stop and wait but there is no way I'm waiting for more than an hour before the...
  14. Reverserewind

    iTunes 7.7

    damn I don't think I've been on a forum that is so on top of stuff like here. Thanks for the link.
  15. Reverserewind

    3 iPhone 3G Reviews are in

    My ipod I only charge when basically drained and the life I get is still great 2+ years. For my Treo I just walk in my door at the end of the day and plug it in, again 2+ years and I've never had any problem with either device. I'd say do what is recommended and if it screws up you've at least...
  16. Reverserewind

    What is up with Rogers in Canada?

    I'm sure unlimited will come, Telus just reacted to Rogers:
  17. Reverserewind

    What is up with Rogers in Canada?

    Ouch! I still own my house and car ;)
  18. Reverserewind

    3G iPhone shortage?

    Well if the Canadian rumours are true the UK should be ok as some of phones have apparently been diverted from Canada to Europe. I guess only time will tell.
  19. Reverserewind

    What is up with Rogers in Canada?

    Yeah Rogers has continually been screwing us compared to other places. They more recently just changed all of their data plans quietly. I used to have a mimimal plan $25/mo for 4MB they just released $30/mo for 300MB but didn't bother to make a big deal of it, who wouldn't switch? Here's a...
  20. Reverserewind

    Word & Excel viewer or editing

    I'm not sure what will kick the last 5% I always seem to have some hesitation with these things. I'd like the iPhone more if it were smaller that is one that that really appeals to me about the HTC devices along with the windows base. But the iPhone seems pretty damn sweet! I've got 3 days to...