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  1. GSXRMike

    Looking for 2 apps...

    I'm looking for two cydia apps that will work on my 5S. First is an app to remove the battery in the status bar completely. I only want the percentage, not the battery pic. I used to have this on an older JB but I can't find one again for some reason. Second is an app that opens links in the...
  2. GSXRMike

    Is there a way to turn off the second text notification in iOS?

    Is there a way to turn off the second text notification in iOS6. I can't find the setting anymore. I hate getting a text, then it dinging again a minute later. I used to be able to shut the second notification off. Am I just missing it?
  3. GSXRMike

    iMessages "Waiting for Activation..."

    My iMessages on my new iPhone 5 and FaceTime keep saying "Waiting for Activation...". I've tried everything one several different forums to fix this problem. I've tried shutting them all off, resetting network settings, then turning them all back on... Nothing. Seems like it was a common...
  4. GSXRMike

    iPhone 5 Jailbreak

    Let the waiting begin... :( Anyone want to take a stab at how long it'll be?
  5. GSXRMike

    AT&T iPhone 5 Questions

    So I have a couple questions that I hope someone can answer. It's been floating around that the new data cap for unlimited users before being throttled is 5GB instead of 3GB. Is this for EVERYONE that is grandfathered into the unlimited plan? Is it just for people with the iPhone 5? Is...
  6. GSXRMike

    AT&T Order

    You'd think after how many years of this they'd be ready by now!? Pffffftt. Gotta love it. "There was a problem with your request. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to support this request online at this time. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience. (A1251)"
  7. GSXRMike

    Apple Lightning

    Does anyone else think this plug looks a little fragile? I mean, I wouldn't want to put the adapter on my iHome, then put my new iPhone on top of the adapter. Looks like the new plug will snap off real easy if the phone gets bumped accidentally or something. I hope it's more durable than it...
  8. GSXRMike

    5.1 Update in Settings

    So AT&T (or Apple) pushed through a message to me notifying me of iOS 5.1. Obviously I already knew about it and I'm not updating due to be jailbroken. Anyway, now there's there's annoying "1" on my settings icon. Is there anyway to remove that? I'm pretty anal about clearing all my...
  9. GSXRMike

    iPhone thinks we're in California?

    For some strange reason, my iPhone 4S and my wife's, too, keeps saying we're in California. We are actually in Florida. Not sure why this is happening. Like for instance, last night I tried to get directions to a local restaurant using my current location and it directed me like I was coming...
  10. GSXRMike

    iPhone 4 iOS5 JB

    Does a phone have to already be activated in order to apply the redsn0w tethered JB? I sold my iPhone 4 to someone with t-mobile that is having a hard time JBing it to unlock it. The t-mobile sim card is already in. How would I go about JBing effectively BEFORE the phone has been activated...
  11. GSXRMike

    Help w/ Siri...

    Is anyone else having a problem with Siri? No matter how slow or clear I talk, it keeps saying that "It didn't get that, can you say it again." I've yet to have it say anything besides that. I think mine is defective. :/
  12. GSXRMike

    iPhone 4S size spec

    Quick question. Since all the iPhone 4S's are the same, no matter which company...which iPhone spec size did they use? The AT&T phone and verizon phone are a little different as far as button locations. I'll need a new case so anyone know if they used the AT&T or verizon spec?
  13. GSXRMike

    16, 32, or 64GB? Which and why?

    So who sprung for the new 64GB size this year? I did. More room for movies! Also, with the larger pics and new stabilization feature when recording video, I'm sure I'll be taking a lot more. Space is the last thing I'll want to worry about. The $399 + $250 price tag hurt a bit but between...
  14. GSXRMike

    FaceTime over 3G with 4.1?

    None of the "FaceTime over 3G" apps are working for me right now. The weird thing is, they're working for my buddies phone no problem. We have the same phone, same versions but it just won't work for me. It worked fine on 4.0.1 but then I upgraded to 4.1 and Jail Broke again and that's when...
  15. GSXRMike

    iPhoneBrowser and LimeRa1n

    I always used iPhoneBrowser to mod my files on my jailbroken iPhone. Since the release of LimeRa1n, I restored, updated to 4.1, and then JB again using LR. Since then, iPhoneBrowser doesn't recognize my phone as Jail Broken, essential blocking me out from reaching all the files I need. Anyone...
  16. GSXRMike

    Forum Appearance?

    Maybe it's just me but is anyone else having a problem with the way the forum is loading? It's looks like a mobile version or something but I didn't change anything (I don't think.) Let me know I'm not alone b'c it's driving me nuts trying to figure out why its like this. BTW, I'm on my home...
  17. GSXRMike

    MobileMe Question...

    My wife and I both signed up for the free 60 day trial. We liked it so we decided we wanted to buy it. I went on eBay and got the family pack. Since we currently have the free individual trials, do we need to cancel our trials to get started on the paid family plan? My wife wants to keep her...
  18. GSXRMike

    So I just realized something...

    Apple and AT&T are making a huge deal about FaceTime and how it doesn't use your minutes. Well I , like everyone else, thought that that is awesome. Well, today it hit me. You don't use your minutes when talking to another AT&T user anyway b'c mobile-to-mobile is free. Obviously if another...
  19. GSXRMike


    Should it be taking a long time to activate? I'm talking almost two hours now! I called AT&T and they said the servers are probably busy and to just wait it out but I don't know. How can I be sure it's linked to my account?
  20. GSXRMike

    AT&T Pre-Order Pick Up?

    Since I pre-ordered my iPhone at AT&T, I'm wondering if I'll have to wait in line with everyone else that did NOT pre-order to pick up my phone. I don't think I should have to wait in line since I already did once and my phone is payed for and account contract all set already. I should be able...