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  1. GSXRMike

    iPhone 6 Plus 4 week delay!

    Does anyone know if any B&M stores will actually have the 6 Plus on release day?
  2. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    AT&T website at 2:56 AM. I even ordered the Plus first
  3. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Wow. Such BS. I finally got the emails from when I ordered at 2:56am. iPhone 6 for my wife, due to arrive on the 19th. Iphone 6 Plus for myself, 14-21 days. WTF!? I was one of the first to order even BEFORE 3AM, lol. That sucks.
  4. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    I'm glad I tried before 3am!
  5. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    I have the 64GB 5S now and 64GB is PLENTY for me... I went with the same for the Plus and got my wife the 64 4.7
  6. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    My friend just texted me that he ordered his 64GB Plus through ATT site, too...
  7. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    ATT worked fine for me. Order at like 2:55AM.
  8. GSXRMike

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    I just ordered one of each in 64GB before 3am on the AT&T site. So easy this year.
  9. GSXRMike

    Am I the only one disappointed about the protruding camera in the iPhone 6?

    Once it's in a case, no problem. Doesn't bother me at all either way.
  10. GSXRMike

    Spigen Launches iPhone 6 Air 5.5" Cases and Bumpers On Amazon, Available September 30th

    I have the Spigen Tough Armor case and I absolutely love it. I'm definitely going to get the same case for my iPhone 6. I like it a thousand times better than the Otterbox Commuter that I used to have and I used to swear by that case.
  11. GSXRMike

    Beats earbuds with iPhone 6

    I have never been a fan of the Beats brand UNTIL I got a Beats Pill XL. I had the Bose Soundlink III first and although it sounded good, you couldn't actually feel the music. I exchanged it for the Pill XL and this thing is amazing. Sounds great, has a ton of extra features that the Soundlink...
  12. GSXRMike

    4.7", 5.5", or 4" iPhone 6?

    I voted for the 5.5". I've been leaning toward the 4.7" but I've recently started liking the thought of the 5.5". Like others have said, I really want to hold one first before I make my decision but that might be tough if I pre-order or stand in line on release day. I'll wait until I actually...
  13. GSXRMike

    Plausible Renderings Depict Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 with Sapphire Glass Backing

    If that's what the phone will look like then Apple, TAKE MY MONEY!
  14. GSXRMike

    Looking for 2 apps...

    Ty! Both work great!
  15. GSXRMike

    Looking for 2 apps...

    I'm looking for two cydia apps that will work on my 5S. First is an app to remove the battery in the status bar completely. I only want the percentage, not the battery pic. I used to have this on an older JB but I can't find one again for some reason. Second is an app that opens links in the...
  16. GSXRMike

    Slow Shutter Cam for iPhone: Enter to win Free App Friday!

    My kids! My little girl is 5 and my little boy is a month and a half!
  17. GSXRMike

    Help! "this person cannot be reached by iMessage at this time"

    You shouldn't have to make an iCloud account. My wife uses a gmail email address for hers and we have no issues. Dumb question but you did turn those two features on in settings, right?
  18. GSXRMike

    AT&T won't unlock my iPhone

    Will unlock_fusion unlock a new 5S? I heard they changed the laws or something. If I pay the money via ebay, can (will) it be done?
  19. GSXRMike

    Jailbroken iOS 7?

    That would make me happy. :D
  20. GSXRMike

    The iPhone 5s's Wi-Fi chip has an FM receiver

    Oh yeah. LoL. I forgot some people aren't unlimited anymore. I'm still grandfathered into my unlimited AT&T plan. :D Sent using iCafe app