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  1. DJ Indy

    Need serious help! Lost everything that was in my iPhone!

    Unfortunately I didn't, which sucks. But I'm gonna try something out here to resolve the problem. I'm gonna revert the phone back to 1.1.4 firmware and try my previous sync again. It's a shot in the dark, but maybe the old sync points made on 1.x.x firmwares don't work with the new 2.0.1...
  2. DJ Indy

    Need serious help! Lost everything that was in my iPhone!

    Here's some additional info about my situation. V1 8 gig iPhone Windows XP iTunes 7.7.1 This sucks so bad right now....I had plans tonight, but no way of contacting the people. :(
  3. DJ Indy

    Need serious help! Lost everything that was in my iPhone!

    So I went to update to the 2.0.1 software. I first synced my iPhone, then went onto the update. It had a really long process where it said it was preparing the phone for the new software and backing up the phone. Well it paused halfway through and stood that way for about 3 hours. I finally...
  4. DJ Indy

    Custom text message sounds...

    yes, I used a .wav file and just changed the file extension to .caf and it worked fine. I probably should've mentioned that :embarrassed: Thanks for jumping in and clearing up some of the problems.
  5. DJ Indy

    Custom text message sounds...

    Im just renaming the file extension, no conversion necessary. You should be able to play the new .CAF file in its native program (QuickTime). I think thats the most important thing, is making sure after you change the file type, that it is playable through QuickTime. Btw, I'm doing this all...
  6. DJ Indy

    Custom text message sounds...

    Actually there's one more thing, that I'm almost certain is the problem. I edited my original post to make things clearer. The name of the file should be "sms-received1" and it is a .caf file. I'm betting if you showed the name of your file and extension it looks like this...
  7. DJ Indy

    Custom text message sounds...

    I would think it's one of these two problems. -your .mp3 hasn't been changed to a .caf file -you need to delete the original "sms-received1.caf" file, then replace it with your new one. *NOTE* I did this on firmware 1.1.2 via ibrickr. If you guy's wanna try my .caf file, PM me your e-mail...
  8. DJ Indy

    Custom text message sounds...

    SMS sounds are located here: System/ Library/ Audio/ UISounds/ sms-received(1-6).caf What I did was, back-up. then delete the original "sms-received4.caf" then renamed my custom sound file "sms-received4" with a .caf extension. Then placed it in the UIsounds folder. Make sure you're actually...
  9. DJ Indy

    HELP PLEASE! Currently 1.1.2 jailbroken...Want to go to jailbroken 1.1.4

    First of all I want to apologize if this has been discussed before. But I did search around and can't seem to find definite answers to some of my questions. I've kinda fallen off the iPhone modding world and would like to get back up to speed with the current modifications. If you choose to...
  10. DJ Indy

    Do I need an adaptor for Aux out?

    Well, unfortunately one of the downfalls of the iPhone is the recessed headphone jack. Apple sells an adapter that's slim enough to fit in the jack. Or you could just make one out of a 1/8" mini cable like I did :2cool: (just trim some of the rubber shielding from one of the ends till it fits)
  11. DJ Indy

    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    I will love somebody forever if they can do these 2 for me: 1. Make one that says DJ Indy in red using ravie font 2. Make one using my avatar which is --> But don't use the green background/border. Only have the owl in either black or white. I know it's a lot to ask, but if somebody has...
  12. DJ Indy

    Broken Charger

    My wall charger crapped out on me too for whatever reason. From what I've heard those units failing is not too uncommon. I went to the Apple store and they exchanged the old unit for a new one at no cost.
  13. DJ Indy

    So I tried something today and it worked.

    Yup, it works. It's a pretty old trick though.
  14. DJ Indy

    AT&T phone bill

    I got my first bill about a week ago. It was $170ish. They charged me for the current month, and additionally, for the next month. $39.99 first month $39.99 for next month $20 unlimited data use for first month $20 unlimited data use for next month $36 activation fee $20ish in taxes I...
  15. DJ Indy

    Wives/Girlfriends. . .

    My iPhone responds more to touch than she does :tounge:
  16. DJ Indy

    One thing iPhone has taught me...

    haha, I've done the same thing
  17. DJ Indy

    Tips And Tricks

    It doesn't actually download on your phone. It just opens the video in a player and streams it via quicktime. The video should play shortly after you click the download button.
  18. DJ Indy

    November release of next generation iPhone?

    /\/\/\/\/\ This is exactly what I tell anybody that is really contemplating buying an iPhone.
  19. DJ Indy

    Dropped my iPhone!

    Damn, that sucks, hopefully they'll take care of it for you. I've dropped my phone twice already :frown: Luckily it was on carpet and fell directly on the back both times.
  20. DJ Indy

    Tips And Tricks

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I'm still new to the forum and haven't had much time to look around. Anyways, here's my tip: Youtube on the phone has limited videos as of right now. So if you don't find the video you're looking for on youtube, try searching on Google video. Since all...