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    Enjoying my Watch, few questions

    Love my Apple watch, I have a few questions after using it 2-3 days. Back Light is OFF when new notifications come in till I bring wrist to my face, is that a setting or 100% set? I get a vibrate so is it designed like that to not always be lighting up? I added a World Clock or NY timezone...
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    How much did you think the Metal Band Apple Watch was?

    I've been waiting for the Apple watch for some time now and was excited to see it during the Key Note last month but was shocked at the $350 - $550 price point. I had my eye on the Gray or Black Metal band and larger 42mm size and was SHOCKED to see that is $1,100 and not $550 - $599. Did...
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    Syncing Photos and Media from External HD?

    I have a Western Digital my book live wired in my network and my Photos, Movies and Music are on it, can I sync with that vs. media on the computer I am syncing my iPhone and iPad with? Thank you, Shane
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    Anyone else having issues with Dropbox on iPhone 6?

    I'm a big user of Dropbox and camera upload and the last few days Dropbox has been saying I have 10-20 pictures to upload yet when I go in the app it's Frozen and doesn't Upload on Wifi or carrier LTE like it used to on previous devices. I've tried a reinstall and toggling as many settings in...
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    Anyone else having problems with Photos and iOS 8?

    I have many folders inside "My Pics" and I select individual folders to sync and sync (wired not wireless) often times a week yet lately every time it syncs ALL 4,000 photos over and over vs. just the additional 20 pics/ new folder. Then at times I have NO pics in my iPhone and others I have...
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    Problems syncing photos iOS8 beta?

    Is anyone else having problems syncing photos from iTunes to their iPhone running ios8? With a wired connection I sync a few folders and in time I have them on my iPhone then days later I add a folder or pics and it seems to often sync ALL the photos again and I am at 100 or 4,000 or other...
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    Apps not working well on iOS 8 beta 5

    Hi All, I was hesitant to load a beta firmware of iOS 8 but I was assured it was close to 100%. I am having issues with Evernote, Hangouts, Voxer, Google Drive and a few other apps. Evernote, when I edit and add to a document it takes my typing but the View goes to bottom or top and I cant...
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    iPhone Camera Roll empty but storage 2gig

    I am running low on storage and my iPhone is saying I have 2gig in imessage (saved) and 2 gig in Camera Roll but my camera roll is empty. I cleaned out my Photo Stream, but that is only 300mb. any clue how to clear or delete the backup or whatever has my 2gig of Camera Roll taking up storage...
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    My Apple TV's aren't seeing my Mac

    I've had Apple TV for years and for some reason lately they are seeing my HP computer's media but not seeing my iMac. I've tried a few different things and can not get my iMac to show up on any of my Apple TV's, yet it's on the same network. any ideas? Thanks, Shane
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    Apple TV mirroring has Video on TV but no Sound

    Any idea why mirroring from my iMac doesn't have any sound on my Apple TV? I am connected HDMI and Ethernet to Apple TV but no sound. Thanks, Shane
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    Can not enable Wireless on iPhone 4s

    I can not enable Wireless on my iPhone 4s, it is Greyed out. I tried restoring in DFU mode and no dice, still not able to turn Wireless back ON in settings. I also tried resetting carrier network settings but that didn't help, any clue what else I can do? I restored the iPhone 4s to factory...
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    iMac Can not send pictures in iMessage from iMac anymore.

    I have an iMac with most recent version of Lion and recently I can not send pictures in iMessage. I can drag and drop and send them, but they don't go through to the other person with iMessage. On the iPhone or iPad I can send a message but on iMac, I no longer can. This used to work fine, I...
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    SMS GV Extension

    Anyone else use SMS GV Extension or Phone Extension in Cydia? they are $1.99 but you are able to select calling options either carrier or GV #. It worked well on iPhone 4 but with today's jail break I can only install Phone extension, not sms. anyone else try? Phone Extension is working...
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    Photostream & Dropbox, no need for USB camera roll?

    Curious if anyone else is using Dropbox or having good luck with Photo Stream where 100% pictures show up wirelessly and there is not a need to Import media off camera roll. I am finding if I am doing it, I am having duplicates and I should stick to 1 method or another. any thoughts...
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    iMac Managing 50k pictures on my new Mac

    Just got my 1st Mac and I am trying to get used to it, I am a big PC guy but wanted to TRY an iMac. I got a 2" iMac and it's real NICE it's just a bit of a transition from what I am used to on Windows... I don't like iPhoto yet, so say I just have a folder on my desktop for My Pics and...
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    iMac 2nd monitor options

    Looking at getting my 1st Mac and I'm curious what options I have for a 2nd monitor or simultaneous output to an HD TV. Currently I have a dell laptop on a docking station with 2 monitors & an optional 3rd using my 42" TV on the wall. If I got an iMac with the 27" display, what options will I...
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    Duplicate photos with Photo Stream & photo import?

    Now with Photo Stream, there is no need to Import Photos with USB, I am finding duplicates is that correct? Should I ignore or delete the imported photo's and just use Photo Stream? Thanks, Shane
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    iMac Getting my 1st Mac

    I've been a PC guy my entire life but I want to finally get an iMac! Do you recommend the 27" over the 21.5, I will be mounting it on the wall with a VESA mount and using the wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Will it come with an iOS version of Excel and Word, will most of my files from my PC...
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    How to remove 3.5 gig of OTHER in iPhone 4?

    I tried to reformat my iPhone 4 back to factory ios 5.0.1 but I STILL have 3.5 gig of OTHER in yellow when I sync in iTunes. any idea what it is? Thanks, Shane
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    Problems syncing Photos after iOS5

    I have around 30 folders of pictures nicely organized & I haven't had any problems syncing with my iPhone or iPad before the ios5 and iCloud update... Now all folders sync but some of them are Empty; any thoughts?