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    How do I close Safari so it's not running edge on background?

    From what I've seen, once hit the home button or lock the phone Safari is closed down. To test this, browse to a very big page -- one that takes awhile to download. Before it's done, lock the phone or return home. If you return home, the internet icon should disappear and the page shouldn't...
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    If Microsoft made the iPhone. (worth clicking)

    Didn't Apple just get a patent for "rotary style dialing device"?
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    NES FOR THE iPhone! (yes a real 3rd party app)

    I'm extremely happy that they are making progress. I don't plan on putting this on my phone, but I think its a MAJOR step forward. Give them time and encouragement guys!
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    You're the man! I don't know why I didn't do that right away -- probably because I thought I wouldn't have to with Apple software, but it worked! If anyone else is having this problem, just reboot and let iTunes try again! :laugh2:
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    Fast Skinning?

    I downloaded it and I get "Manzana is not responding" as soon as I try to launch it. I'm on this crappy thing called Windows Vista EDIT: Never mind, I missed dragging the .dll file in when I extracted the files. Thanks!
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    Fast Skinning?

    Am I missing something? Is there a fast way to upload a new skin to your phone? I want to try out 2 different skins to see which one I lilke once it they're on my phone. I would like to go to bed tonight....
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    Modded 1/4" headphone plug

    It didn't seem like a waste of $9. Saves me from having to do any possible damage to my only set of earbuds and now I can use it with other accessories I have
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    What is the "other" shown in the iPhone capacity bar?

    I would imagine since iTunes syncs everything on the phone every time you connect it, the problem should resolve itself... right? 2.55GB is quite a big of space though.
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    How to sync photos to iPhone

    Sorry, I'm using a PC (Windows Vista even). I also have the latest iTunes version installed. Any other ideas?
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    iPhone Widgets Uncovered?

    My old Nokia phone required that my handsfree set was plugged in to my phone to use the radio. The headset actually doubled as a radio -- it was pretty cool. But I'm okay without the radio. Its an MP3 player after all....
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    How to sync photos to iPhone

    I haven't been able to get any of my photos (all in .JPG format) to sync with my iPhone. When I go to iTunes (Windows) and I tell it which directories to sync, they never appear in my iPhone Photos. If I watch the status in iTunes, it says optimizing photos... syncing photos... but nothing...
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    Caller hears ringtone

    Very odd. I can't hear my custom ringtones when I call myself, but I can always hear my iPod if I call myself. What kind of phone did your daughter call from? A land line?
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    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    I live in St. Louis and we just hired a new graphics person at work. Come to find out he has an iPhone and he had the same case that I did (he has since purchased a new one). Other than that, I've only heard rumors of people owning them...:2cool:
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    I'm in as well. A very easy app to use. My only complaint is that the ringtone isn't nearly as loud or as clear as the mp3 is. I imagine there is some compression being done.
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    iPhone 3G Size and Battery Life Analysis

    I don't' agree. I notice that the battery drains like crazy when I'm using wifi. I turn off wifi until I'm need to use the wifi, and my battery life lasts a lot longer.
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    Portable 12V Charger Compatibility

    I haven't tested chargers, but I know that all of the iPod accessories are supposed to work with the iPhone.
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    Outlook calendar sync problem fixed!

    Mine got fixed too! I was very happy :D
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    iTunes Automated iPhone Backup WORKS!

    Interesting. When I was on tech support and we some how lost all of my contacts, he said there was no way for me to get them back. Do you know if there are rolling backups or just a single backup?
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    Does album artwork COST MONEY?

    Thank god because I just went through and downloaded a TON :D Is there a way to have the artwork saved to the MP3 using the ID3 tags? I looked and it seems like iTunes saves the artwork in cryptic files in my iTunes directory.
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    DO Update Your iTunes

    100% rumors. They had me until they started talking about using the iPhone as a file browser. That's probably never going to happen from Apple -- I don't believe it's their style. If we ever get that option, it will be from a hack. Also copying and pasting will probably never happen. I just...