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    Buying off eBay?

    I have not bought an Ipod off of ebay but I have gotten some accessories so I have ran into a few and they really seem to be the same prices as going to the store, so I would recommend going to get a new one at your local retailer.
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    Do iPods Recognize Blue Tooth?

    As the previous poster said the Ipods do not support blue tooth unfortunantly. That is an excellent idea and I have to wonder if it won't be incorperated into the new generation of Ipods that is coming?
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    When will it be out?

    IAMFLY, Please do not take one person's opinion of what they have read to heart. While there are really no plans as of yet as far as the marketing and release of this phone I am sure that it is in the making and that Steve Jobs is just trying to make an unexpected explosion on the market.
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    Will Showtime Event Bring iPhone Release News

    Yeah it has been crazy how long we have all had to speculate and guess at what this phone might bring. I don't understand why Steve is keeping this so close to the vest when there is so much interest in it?
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    iPod phones

    I am not too sure about there going to be a 4G iPhone as all that has been rumored is a 3G. Hopefully there will be more information out on this phone soon so that we can all stop speculating as to what it is going to be!
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    I am not familiar with iSync

    You are 100% right Razz. This is just the software that the phone uses to offer the features that it will have like phonebooks and address lists and such.
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    This iPhone looks just like........

    Yeah that is what I have been thinking as well everytime that I see the Chocolate commercials on television. I can't wait to see which version of this phone will come out on the markets as some of the other pictures that I have seen look more like the ipods.
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    How much are you willing to pay for your music love!

    I usually just wait for my brother to by a CD that I like and I will make a copy for myself. It really saves me a lot of money and since him and I have the same music tastes he always has what I am looking for.
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    I am not too sure that I am willing to spend that much on a gaming system. I know that my brother in law will buy it so I will at least get to play it even if I don't pick one up! :D
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    Anyone seen the new iPod Jeans?

    I just checked out the link and though I was hoping for a joke it looks like Levi is serious about this. I would never think of wearing them but who knows what the teenager's of today will think of them.
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    Anyone here married?

    I am married but think that we are soon headed for a divorce, things just do not seem to be the way that they used to be years ago. Thankfully we have no children so if we can't work things out it will just be him and I that have to work through it.
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    What accessories do you have?

    I agree Razz. I have just bought a case for mine and the plug in adapter for the car and that is all I really need. I can not believe how much has been put out for these and what people are willing to spend on accessories. For instance a case made by Apple will run you about $40 I got a case at...
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    Where to buy accessories?

    You know that crazy thing is that people are still buying 360's in the store to sell on ebay and they are still able to make a profit on them, nothing like at the beginning but still. I think that I would rather go to Wal-Mart and pay the regular price then get ripped off!
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    You know razz I never gave defects much of a thought to be honest. Funny that when I am talking about stuff like this I don't think about that but when I am talking about buying a car I have a rule that I will not buy the first run of the car. Thanks for reminding me of this.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    From everythig that I have read about this phone I think that it is going to be a must have for me. The only thing that I am wanting to see is what final design they go with and how big this phone is going to be, oh yeah and the price of course.
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    Cost of the iPhone?

    I am guessing that this phone will be about $300-$350 since it has all the Ipod featues plus it is a phone, heck it might even end up being more than that. I guess we are stuck in the wait and see game!
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    When will it be out?

    I also have not been able to find any information about a release date? I wonder what the big secret is, don't you think if they hyped this phone a little more that they would sell more of them?
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    iPhone Pics

    Your right! From the pictures that I have seen this phone does look like the new LG phones in some of the variations. I really like the slide up for the key pad as well but the screens look awfuly small don't they?
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    Is this ever going to happen?

    I have been reading and hearing the rumors for quite some time now and I am wondering what is going on? I really don't understand why this phone is such a big secret in the development? Don't they want to sell these phones?
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hello everyone, My name is Ebony and I am currently living in New York. I just moved here from Maryland and I really like it. I have heard rumors that Apple was making a phone and when I searched I found this forum. I look forward to seeing what is true and what is a myth as far as this phone...