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  1. J

    I've got mine...still has not activated...

    I'm sitting here with mine, but I have to wait on an email that says it is activated. Kinda weird.
  2. J

    EverythingiPhone shoutout on

    Alright..speak up.. Who is this? :wink: Look on the left side
  3. J

    EDGE upgraded nation-wide

    Just received an SMS update...EDGE has been completely upgraded, a $50 million dollar upgrade. The iPhone also passed data and voice tests in various terrains. It says more news is coming soon...I guess we'll see.
  4. J

    I destroyed my RAZR today (horror story)...

    I went swimming today. The water felt good and I had a great time with friends. I get out of the pool and run to get my towel (it was cold by this time). As I am running, I feel something hitting up against my leg. Sure enough, it's my RAZR. :( It was soaked...battery was dripping with water...
  5. J

    Top of the iPhone pic from Apple

    I don't believe that I have seen anything on here that was from Apple. I wonder if Apple is going to do this every day for the next 9 days?
  6. J

    iChat App! This guy has done a great job with it, and it seems like he is going to continue to improve it. It's the same one that produced the digg app. Right now sessions are limited to 10 minutes, but that will go up once the iPhone is released. One negative...
  7. J

    Breakdown of iPhone Costs: it's cheap!

    Here is the breakdown of costs with tax (sales tax is 7% where I live). Notice that NONE of the cool technology such as video, WiFi, REAL internet, and the touchscreen is included in the pricing at the bottom. 8 GB iPhone - $640.93 $39.99/month data plan* for 2 years - $1026.94 $59.99/month...
  8. J

    What widgets/apps will be developed?

    So what can we expect to be developed for the iPhone? Obviously, the widgets that are already out there, but would there be a possibilty for an iChat widget that would have the same functionality? I'd imagine it can be done. What widgets do you hope for?