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    no contacts in phone app, but 500+ in the contact app?

    Searched, but couldn't find answer. I have the Contact app set up, all my contacts are there and seem to be pushed from my laptop, etc. Working fine. In the phone app, however, I have no contacts. I have favorites, voice mail, all working fine. Any idea why I would have 500+ contacts in the...
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    "Disk Mode" software

    Got the Ecamm Network iPhoneDrive software today and it seems to work as advertised. Easily copy and store files on my phone. Only tried a few test files, but it looks good to me. Not a sales pitch, just some useful software that looks like it does something I really wanted... Anyone else using...
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    Cost of iPhone

    I am posting this because I haven't seen this point made anywhere and it frustrates me. I gladly paid $399.00 for a 3g iPod, with black and white screen, no photos, no video. I still have no regrets spending $400 for my iPod, which has had one battery replacement..which I did myself. The...