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    Price point for eBay?

    I'm debating selling my 3rd gen iPad on eBay. I simply don't use it as much as I thought it would. I have the wifi only 64 gb silver one, and a folio style case with it. What kind of starting price should I list it if I decide to sell it?
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    iPad and WiFi On Demand

    Thought I posted this but don't see it. Earlier at my gym I was trying to use my mywi on demand connection to tether while I was on the tread mill. For some reason it took forever to connect. I rebooted my iPad and my iPhone and still had issues. I had around 3 bars of signal so maybe the was...
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    Siri in iOS 6 and first reactions

    They showed Siri a lot today at the keynote. Does this mean it'll be universally available for all iPhones? I see it looks like to be headed to the new iPad but couldn't see if it said it would be released on the older ones. What I'm most impressed with is he new maps/ navigation-- may be able...
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    SMS on iPad

    I know you can do it with google voice but is there a way to use your regular iPhone phone number and use it to text people that aren't on imessage while your on your ipad? I am jailbroken as well.
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    Fresh Jailbreak on my iPad 3, now what?

    I've had my iPhones jailbroken for so long, its hard to remember when I started. I just used the ne absinthe 2.02 to jailbreak my ipad today and am wondering, what apps can I now put on my ipad that I couldnt before? I have the wifi only one, btw.
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    FaceTime on iPad.

    Does FaceTime tell the person your callingnifnitsnfrom yournipad or iPhone? Or does it just use your email with the account?
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    Content settings

    Is there a way to restrict certain content from being viewed on the iPad? Specifically in safari?
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    Square trade.

    The iPad I got came with a square trade warranty. Should I dump it and go th Apple care?
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    How do I add custom feeds to flip board on my iPad? I have a few I'd like to add but can't figure it out.
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    Cases-- which for new iPad?

    Well I treated myself to the new iPad. It's supposed to arrive sometime this week and I've been looking at cases. I don't think I really want one with a keyboard, I've looked into otter box and the offerings from mophie. It's coming with a kennigston case but I'm not sure how I'll like it...
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    Benefits of restarts?

    I saw somewhere people suggested re-starting your iPhone a few times a day. I'm assuming this helps with memory management? What are some other benefits and how often do y'all restart yours?
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    You mail

    Can someone tell the benefits it has over the standard iPhone voicemail?
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    iPad 3 question

    I can a new iPad for 15$ a week payroll deducted. I know it will be slightly higher then retail but I won't have to pay the whole price at once. I'm just wondering of anyone has done this before? The company they use is purchasing power.
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    iPad 2 or iPad 3?

    Will the 3 be that much better then the Ipad 2? I am currently toying with getting a tablet but haven't decided yet what I am going with. Right now it is between the Kindle Fire, ipad 2 or wait for the 3. Not sure how much more the 3 will be over the 2, do you think they will drop the price down...
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    Trouble with an app

    I got an app myfitnesspal and it was working fine on my jailbroken iPhone 4 for verizon. now it doesn't open when I click it. I tried re-installing it from iTunes, even did a restart after. Any ideas on how I can get this app working again? I wanna get this app working again because it's faster...
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    Question re: Verizon and tethering

    Can they track you if you use wifi tether like PDA net or mywi? Is there a better one of those two or is it user preference?I have wifi at home but when I'm at the parents house I would need to tether, not sure I want to till I get a little more info on it.
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    Siri on iPhone 4

    I know there was a video of this I think last week, where can we go to check for updates on Siri on iPhone 4? I don't think its something I'd use often but it could be cool to have.
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    Winterboard Update!

    I know someone posted about this the other day and I was having problems with it on 5.0 so I thought I would mention, winterboard now has an update. It looks like its working great on 5.0 and it actually installed and th theme I wanted without causing my phone to go into safe mode, just thought...
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    Searching for an app that

    Will let me turn off my 3g at certain points in the day. For instance, when I'm at work drivng around on my forklift, I can't really be checking things online on my phone. Is there an app that I can disable my 3g? Also, will I still be able to send/ receive text messages if I turn off my 3g? Thanks
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    Jailbreak iOS 5?

    Is there a guide online for ios5 jailbreak? So far the ones I've found have all been for lower basebands.