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    Tick tock.. Tick tock... Macworld 2008

    So, pure speculation here, but what do we all think will be Steve Jobs' next big announcement regarding the iPhone? Will he even mention the iPhone in his keynote today, or will he limit his remarks to newer products/announcements? ilLegalBeagle
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    Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

    OK, we've read the reviews, watched the videos, listened to rumors... This is a call for pure speculation... What will Apple patch/update on the iPhone on release day as a surprise? Surely there's something that Walt et al. did not get to see?!?! ilLegalBeagle
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    OMGZ0RZ! AT&T Store visit! 6-25-07

    OK, so like.. I went into this AT&T store, and like, Dude! You wouldn't believe it! They had this big poster of the iPhone hanging in the window of the store! So, I was all like, "Hey, I'll check that out!" So, like I walked up to the greeter dude and said, "What do you know about the...
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    Confirmation - rumor killing!

    As of 3am today, I received information from a "reliable source" that the iPhone will be offered at $499 or $599 to non-eligible purchasers, and $349 and $459 to eligible upgrade or new purchasers. The required plans are your choice of voice plan and a specialized data plan of $20 per month...
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    Practical questions

    Alright, up front I will confess that I am not a phone geek, nor am I an Apple geek. I worked for 10 years in IT on Windows and Linux network resources. Having said that, I might want to buy this stupid phone, but I want to know a few basic things about it that aren't directly addressed in...