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    iPod Gaming Unit

    Are there any plans by Apple to release a special ipod that will serve as a good hand held gaming system to compete against the Nintendo DS and PSP? I think this would be a great idea and would yield to huge sales for Apple in a whole new market segment! I would buy one if available! Just a...
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    Purple Please

    I love the new iPod Nano colors but have a few recommendations for the next round of colors. So Apple, if you are listening here is my list of preferred colors: 1) Purple 2) Pink 3) Orange 4) Marble 5) Clear Any one else have any suggestions for a good color?
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    It's Not Going to Be Called iPhone?

    So I guess Apple's foray into the wireless handset market is not going to be going by the iPhone name being that Cisco owns it and will be using it now! So the question is what will Apple's phone be called... italk maybe or how about iTelephone? A new round of rumors is now set to begin!
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    Got Myself a Wii

    After long hours and many stores visited, I have finally prevailed and got my hands on the elusive Nintendo Wii just in time for Christmas. It is a present for myself but it was a challenge getting it. I think I went to like 20 stores until I found one but I still had to wait three hours in the...
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    Skins for the iPhone?

    What I would love is the ability to buy skins for your iPhone like you can for the razr. I would love to get a skin with my favorite sports team or maybe one with some kind of funky design! I hope someone picks up on this concept and starts making them for the phone!
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    Will a Demo Unit be at Macworld?

    Good one... I would have to agree with you. If no demo unit is available then that could only mean one thing, that they are not close to a launch if they can't even have a demo unit ready. I think that Steve Jobs will walk out with one in hand at the Macworld expo and we will be seing one in...
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    Is the iPhone Just a Hoax?

    Seing how the iPhone has been talked about since 2002, I am beginning to wonder if this time it will be for real or if it is just a bunch of hype and rumors with no truth. Is it possible that Apple still does not have plans to release an iPhone and we are all just speculating? HMMM!
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    iPhone radio

    Yeah that really pisses me off that no manufacturer ever thought to include a radio with the MP3 players... I guess they are worried about the extra size and weight it would add and they probably don't feel like they can increase sales significantly by adding it so thereforee they don't do it...
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    Is Zune Going to Hurt iPod Sales

    From what I have read it looks like Apple will once again win out this year in the MP3 player market. I think iPods are outselling Zune's by like 4 to 1 ratios, mostly thanks to the catchy new iPod Nano colors and the new compact Shuffle. But I am sure had Zune not come out, the iPod sales would...
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    Web Site Taking Bets on Release date

    That is great... don't know if I would actually bet on this but if I were a betting man, I would most likely go for the pre April launch bet. From what I hear they have this thing almost in the bag and are aiming to replace the projected decline in iPod sales with iPhone sales to make 2007 a...
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    Is the iPhone Going to Sell More than the Razr?

    Just wondering what people really think... Is the iPhone going to be able to beat the sales records set by the Motorola Razr phone? It is going to be tough as this brand continous to sell millions and does not show signs of stopping any time soon. Will the iPhone be able to produce numbers...
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    Will They Make a Phone Add on for the Nano?

    Since it seems as if the iPod will be a phone blended with an ipod I was just wondering if there were any plans to do the reverse and release an add on for the nano that would allow you to hook it up to make phone calls? A little reverse engeneering would be nice if they could find a way to make...
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    How Many Colours?

    Just curious as to how many colours they are planning on releasing in the first go around? Is it going to be like the Nano launch with only black and white ones or are they going to do more? I would like to see a whole bunch right out of the gate to give the Chocolate phone a run for the money...
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    NFL Playoff Picture

    Anyone here an NFL fan? The season is coming to a close in about 3 weeks and not too much is clear as to what the playoff picture will look like. San Diego, Indy, Chicago and Baltimore have just about locked up a spot in the playoffs but everything else looks to be up for grabs. What do you...
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    Need to Lower Prices

    I know a lot of people think that $0.99 a song is a reasonable price but I still think they should charge less if someone wants to order all of the songs off one album! Just cut me a small break like buy ten and get two free or something like that. the average album has like 12 songs so that...
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    Are You Going to Buy a Playstation 3 or Wii?

    Apart from the iPod being a big item on people's christmas lists, the big things this year seem to be the two new video game consoles, The Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. While I liked the Playstation 2 a lot, I don't think I am willing to spend $600 for a PS3 but I am very tempted to try...
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    Looks Like iPod is Going to Win This Season

    Anylysts are predicting that Apple will once again rule the MP3 player market this holiday season an impressive fact considering they faced their stiffest competion in the market this year with the release of Microsoft's Zune player. It looks like the new colors for the Nano and the new Shuffle...
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    iPhone radio

    I would like to see them introduce an add on so that you can use your iPhone to listen to the radio. This is one thing I love to have as I like to listen to my morning talk shows on the way to work and it would be a must since I will be using this instead of my MP3 player. Does anyone know if...
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    Apple to Become an MVNO?

    I agree this would be a real stupid move... Apple should stick to what they know best and not get into the Telecom game. All of the major providers are lining up in order to sell this phone with their plans and I don't think this would sit well with the mobile providers and the consumers. They...
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    Gizmodo Says iPhone To Be Announced On December 18

    Interesting... I really thought, and still do think, that they will save this announcement for the Macworld Expo in January. If they don't wait until the expo, I really feel like they are blowing their biggest chance at getting the most hype out of the show! What else this big do they have to...