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    Version 7.7 / Outlook Problems

    I'm good now - everything is working. Was an outlook issue on my end. Thanks!
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    Version 7.7 / Outlook Problems

    Downloaded and installed 7.7 off of the Apple site. Had just sync'ed my iPhone before doing this and everything went smoothly. Now sync just runs and runs and runs. Have turned off contacts, calendars, email, and now it is stuck at bookmarks. Running: Windows XP and Outlook 2003 Anyone...
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    Have iPhone - don't use 'phone'

    The big part is I don't want to PAY AT&T anymore. I want to pay my early termination fee and get out of the contract. So if I call and cancel, then take my sim card out (which - how do you do that), will it work? Thanks!
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    Have iPhone - don't use 'phone'

    Hi, I bought the iPhone about a month after it came out and before the iPod touch came out. Should have waited. I love my iPhone except I never use the phone features (i use my blackberry on verizon). Can I cancel my service to AT&T and continue to use my iPhone like an iPod touch? I have wifi at...
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    I bought a purple shuffle today

    Congrats! I love the purple shuffle. I wish they made the new nano in purple - I would have one in a heart beat. Have fun with your new toy!
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    What do people see in AT&T?

    Has anyone done this? I tried earlier this week and they said they didn't do it. They said if I dropped the data plan, I would have a huge bill that the phone was actually a computer always trying to access the internet - even if I wasn't doing anything. I know they are trying to keep their...
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    $20 EDGE plan

    I read somewhere on here that AT&T was now allowing people to remove the $20 data plan. This would be for those who just use wireless. I just tried this and they said that they weren't allowing this. She kept telling me my phone was not a phone but a computer that constantly accessed the...
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    1.1.2 Installed and Running

    Can someone post the link to the update? I can't find it. Thanks!
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    Downloading from iTunes via WiFi

    Great - thanks for the info.
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    Downloading from iTunes via WiFi

    I have downloaded my first song via wifi on my iPhone. Download worked great and synced to my computer also. Question: how am I billed for this? I have store credit on my iTunes account - but it didn't go down. Anyone know? Thanks, Glenneth
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    I just discovered the button on the earphones...

    These are the exact ones I have. I bought them at my Apple store probably a month ago. I love them. You can just plug your favorite headphones into them and go.
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    I just discovered the button on the earphones...

    I bought this from the Apple store: Shure Music Phone Adapter for iPhone and use my favorite headphones. The button on theirs works just like the one that came with the iPhone. It is fairly pricey ($40) but allows you to use any headphones you already have and like and still have the button...
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    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    I bought 2 - $50 iTunes cards. I love to have TV shows on my iPhone/ipod and thought they would come in handy for the fall season.
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    Using $100 iPhone credit for iTunes purchases?

    I ordered two $50 cards at 12:18 this morning with my $100 credit. I choose Gift card by mail, not Gift certificate by email - that's the difference. It really should work for you. I have seen numerous people who have done this - that's how I found out how to do it.
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Sorry. I have lost my mind. I bought it July 27th. Nevermind. It has been a rough day. I was just thinking the 27th. Thanks for waking me up!
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Can I ask a question? I saw on another thread that the rebate is only good for the first day through August 21st (and I can't find that link again). Has anyone else heard this? I, of course, bought mine on August 27th. I read his letter real close and it says "every iPhone customer"...
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    This is a way out of AT&T

    Just out of curiosity - anyone know what the early termination fee from AT&T is?
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    AWAY for the Holidays?

    So maybe a cruise is not best for the family. You don't want your wife to get sick. Disney would be fun for the kids and I hear they decorate beautifully for Christmas.
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    AWAY for the Holidays?

    What about a holiday cruise somewhere warm and tropical? There would be plenty for everyone to do.
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    V-MODA earbuds work on iPhone out of the box!

    Do they also have a microphone, the pause button, and fast forward with two clicks? Thanks!